Some Seriously Special Smoothies: Savse Smoothie Review

My oh my. I have had quite a busy year, I didn’t think I could top last year in terms of getting married, having a baby and moving house, but 2013 hasn’t exactly been peaceful.  With that in mind, I have been on the more unhealthy side of late – I swear I am not always stuffing my face with McDonalds, but when I’m tired and the stress is on…I guess it’s just one of those things. 

So I have been finding other ways to keep my diet healthier whilst I have a ton to do. One nice way of doing it is by making healthy smoothies.  Ever since I got a Baby Chef from Amazon (it steams and blends on one side, purees on the other) I have been making smoothies.  But it’s not always practical or easy to make them at home, plus I am very boring in the drinks I do make.  So I was excited to try these new smoothies by Savse:

Savse Smoothies

Who doesn’t like a smoothie?!

Smoothies are absolutely everywhere these days, they relatively expensive to buy too, and we are told they are full of goodness.  Without a doubt, I used to adore Innocent Smoothies, and I still do, although the more I drink it, the more it tastes too sweet, almost too much like baby puree at times.  

Savse smoothies are genuinely quiet a refreshing addition to the smoothie market – their recipes remind me of the type of thing I would make at home, if only I had the time.  

Savse smoothies are 100% natural, unpasteurized with no added sugar. When I was pregnant I was forever checking that my drinks were pasteurised – Savse smoothies are preserved by applying cold pressure to preserve the goodness and taste. 

Here was my lunch!

Savse smoothies review


Broccoli, Pear, Spinach, Kale, Kiwi, Lemon and Banana

This is like a real hardcore ‘green’ smoothie and was the one I was the most interested in trying because of the kale and broccoli.  I will say that this green smoothie is quite nice, it’s a bit ‘grassy’ as you would expect and like the other smoothies that contain lemon, I find that taste fairly strong.  I would definitely buy this one again though, it feels like a very effective smoothie (ie. you’ll be going to the toilet soon if you are lacking in fibre). This is the most ‘bitty’ smoothie.

Beetroot, Apple, Avocado, Lime, Mango & Lemon

Notice how these smoothies aren’t just about ‘Mangoes and Banana’ but contain a ton of stuff – in a way that justifies the price (all smoothies are always at least £2) because it would cost a fair bit getting the ingredients in. 

Beetroot also interested me because I am weird and I like weird tasting food – this one was very beetroot-y so yes, that is a bit odd to taste but it is in no way horrible. It reminded me of school beetroot – remember those cubes of beetroot you used to get?  

Strawberry, Orange, Celery, Kale, Broccoli & Spinach

This one is more of the more safe smoothies if you are a bit veggie-phobic and also unlike the next two don’t contain yoghurt.  You can’t taste the greens in this one which is good, and the strawberry is refreshing ALTHOUGH it isn’t that sweet – it is absolutely fair enough, because Savse doesn’t have any added sugar but it goes to show how used to having a ton of sweetener in our drinks we are because my first thought was, WHY AREN’T THE STRAWBERRIES SWEET? But let’s face it, English Strawberries are usually tart-er than a Katie Price impersonator on a night out in JD Weatherspoons. 

Rhubarb, Carrot, Strawberry, Apple & Yoghurt

This is one of the creamier smoothies, as it contains yoghurt.  Not going to lie, I find the yoghurt-y smoothies are somewhat sour, not in a horrible way but in a ‘no added sweetener’ way.  This was a nice one that hit the spot in terms of wanting a sweeter treat although it wasn’t as expected right away.  The strawberry and apple were the strongest flavours in this. 

Mango, Carrot, Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Yoghurt

I adore mango so naturally I loved this ‘tropical’ mix. Once again, the yoghurt is a little tart but really this one is one of my favourite sweets as I could taste the mango and pineapple-y goodness.  


Mr C also tasted a good selection of these smoothies and when I asked for his verdict, he said he’d drink a Savse for nutrition but something else for pleasure.  I don’t think that’s necessarily fair – I did genuinely enjoy drinking these, some more than others, and the fact is because these are the ‘real’ thing (compared to what we now like to think of as smoothies due to the pre-packaged ones) there are bound to be a bit strange at first.  Also! I didn’t bloat up with these (I drank 4 in one day, don’t ask) which I always always always do with a number of other smoothies. 

My favourites are; the Broccoli green smoothie, and Mango for something sweeter.  

Without a doubt these are worth trying to see if they are your bag, I believe that even if you don’t like them right away or they seem a bit weird, you will grow to like them, hopefully more than the far more unhealthy stuff on the market. 

Savse smoothies are sold in 250ml bottles for £2.49 each, and is sold in various locations (check on their website)!  At the time of writing they aren’t really available anywhere up North, but I am sure they will be heading here soon! 




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