Sofina UV Lucent

As I get older I worry about the dreaded sun and wrinkles – so Sunscreen protection was something to consider. I own Clinqiue City block SPF 30, which resembles a greyish thick white cream, that leaves you looking like a corpse. I own RMK’s sunscreen,SPF 30, which is nice without a colour cast but is still thick, so it has to go on top, or under cream, foundation, primer etc. etc.

So everyone directed me towards Sofina’s UV Range – I choose Lucent which has a pinkish tinge, for brightening (there’s also a standard one and a whitening effect one) –

Like a lot of Japanese ‘milk’ products, this is very runny. It is light, and easily absorbed, leaving no residue or cast on the skin (except a brightening effect). Its easy to see why people love it so much on Make Up Alley – its easy to use unlike a lot of greasy, ugly sunscreens.

However, I can definately smell the alchol in this product which can be drying – RMK do the same thing and put it in their brighteners and eventually this has left me with a few dry patches. But with a thicker moisturiser underneath, its not that much of a problem.

Meanwhile, I am still enjoying babysitting a ton of kittens, although sometimes, we need some help –

They should have a version of that for humans – one for man and wife, one for woman and mother in law and one for co-workers.

Kitty Feeding time –

I also bought a beauty book called Beauty 105 –

The author is a lady from Taiwan that calls herself Princess Janet (I don’t think she is actually a princess, ahem), a model and beauty addict and she has some great tips, and photos (which is good since I can’t read the damn thing). I have beauty 101, 102, 103, and 105…what happened to 104?! If anyone knows, tell me cos I can’t locate it anywhere, hell, I don’t even know it exists. Maybe 104 is an unlucky number?!

P.S. – I love my new Blackberry –

Yes, I know it needs a wipe. Everytime I put it near my face, a ton of make up transfers onto it!

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  1. yummy411 says

    i was torn when getting my pda… sleek blackberry or touch screen treo.. touch screen won me over…