Sofina Alblanc Make Up Videos

Gary Chung is a Hong Kong Make Up artist, who has a few good videos up on You Tube in conjunction with Beauty Exchange.

Sofina, a popular brand in Japan, who own brands like Raycious, Hada.ka, Fine Fit (brands that focus on the skin) and Aube, a colour make up range, have launched Alblanc products by making some excellent videos along with Gary Here.

The sexy/cute looks are wonderful to watch and the model is beautiful, and I was wondering what ethnicity she is.

I realised I have the Jewelry shower eyes, the Aqua Dress lipstick and the Powder and Line colours so I should be able to recreate the looks. I have to say that my overall experiences with Aube have been so-so. The Jewelry shower eyes are ok, I love the glittery shimmer base, but I’m not keen on the dull combinations. Aqua Dress rouge has a lovely buttery texture but I just don’t like the way it looks – it doesn’t gleam as much as I’d like! Maquillage Lipsticks on the other hand are my absolute favourites – I don’t have a bad Maquillage lippie.

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