Soap & Glory You Won’t Believe Your Eyes™ Illuminating Under-Eye Serum Review

I am quite accustomed to the panda eye these days…lack of sleep and too much coffee = dark circles, red eyes, zzzzzzz……

Soap & Glory’s You Won’t Believe Your Eyes is right up my street – this handy tube contains an illuminating serum for the under eye area. It reduces the appearance of dark circles and contains cucumber juice for cooling and skin tightening agents for deal with wrinkles.

So it’s kinda skincare, it’s kinda cosmetic. It also has an extremely cool rollerball applicator!


My eye are can get dry during the day – don’t know why, but when it feels tight there’s not much I can do as I don’t want to ruin my make up. Luckily this stuff can be used on top and also be massaged into the skin thus helping with the puffiness.


There is an eye serum from Crystal Clear that has the trio of rollerballs in the tip but that’s far more expensive than the Soap & Glory version…Are three rollerballs better than one?

YES! It felt extra cooling to me and gave me a nice massage. I admit I didn’t spend ages massaging it in but it still felt quite relaxing.


The serum inside is a light texture, quick absorbing formula. It’s white with pink highlights in it:


Make no mistake – this does a lovely job illuminating the eye area!

It’s worth remembering it’s something you can use for a boost, it’s NOT a concealer so if you have serious circles you still need concealer. It’s not an eye cream either – so if you get dry skin around the eyes use an eye cream first!

Before, no product:


After, have been rollerballed:


I like it! I think there’s a subtle difference to the area plus I think that it’s quite comfortable to use. I carry this in my bag now as I find after lunch my eyes can do with a pamper after staring at the screen all day.


Well worth a go if you want a treatment and beautifying product in one!

Buy here for £9 (I think Boots has 3 for 2 at the moment).

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