Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Quads in Smokey Dokey and What’s Nude Swatches and Review

Soap & Glory recently launched a rather comprehensive range of colour cosmetics and that included 2 eyeshadow quads called ‘Lid Stuff’.

There are 3 variations, I have 2 of them here, Smokey Dokey and What’s Nude:Soap Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow

Smokey Dokey has four colours in deep smokey shades, Diamondust, Chine, Black Gold and Smokin’

What’s Nude contains Vanilla, Pink T, Mudhoney, Aubersheen.

These eyeshadows come in a plastic clear compacts – quite simple but nice like the MAC ones.

The eyeshadows are round and come in sets of 4 only.

Smokey Dokey – There is a white cream, a pale shimmery lilac, a mid toned grey and a black.

Soap Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow 1


Soap glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Smoke

The pigmentation of this is medium.  It’s definitely buildable and in that sense works pretty well for people who aren’t that confident with eyeshadow, especially darker colours. I do like my mattes and I’d say they are decent mattes but not super creamy.

What’s Nude is the shade I really wanted to try!

Soap Glory Lid Stuff eyeshadow Whats the nude

The cream, beige and mid toned brown are mattes, then there is a shimmery mushroom shade – a really nice nude look palette.

The pigmentation is quite sheer, but once again it’s a good beginners palette and for £10 for 4 shades, it’s quite a bargain.  I think many people will get a lot of use out of these kind of colours:

Soap Glory Eyeshadow Lid Stuff Whats the nude
I really like the beige in particular.

Overall these palettes are very useful and will have a lot of mass appeal; I have no doubt of that and they have the right amount of pigment for the majority of customers.  For me, I am spoilt and would like something richer in pigment and more creamy.  I also would’ve loved to have seen something more wild; it is Soap & Glory after all, they’re a fun brand so hopefully in the future they’ll release some brighter, glittery, shimmery shadows too.

See the colours here.

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  1. says

    They are nice, but I certainly wouldn’t pay £10 for them!! I think I will just stick the Soap and Glory skin care products!! xx

  2. says

    I’m waiting for them to go on 3 for 2 or something before I pick some up. I’m going to give the eyeshadows a miss though. Not enough pigment for me. I really want Cheekmate and the highlighter.