Soap & Glory Fill Monty Dab On Wrinkle Filler Review

Come ye, come ye, and check out a new product that landed on my desk at Candy HQ – Soap & Glory’s Fill Monty (geddit?!) Dab On Instant Wrinkle Filler.

Wrinkle Filler? Like Pollyfilla?

Well…basically yes.

As always the packaging is very cute:

Soap Glory Fill Monty Wrinkle Cream.jpg

This product is said to fill in lines that crows feet, frown lines and smile lines leave behind. Dab it on UNDER make up (so important – I did this over and I looked like a creature from a swamp).

The product comes in this little jar and the cream is a thick, dense texture.

Less is more, oh yes. Just a small amount dab dab dab (not rubbing) does leave quite an effect on the skin.

Soap & Glory Fill Monty Anti Wrinkle Cream.jpg

I’ve used a product called Deception by Dremu before which is the same, and although it has a lighter texture, it was a bit hard to get a definite effect from.

Timelapse was good too but not for an instant effect.

You can sort of see the texture of the cream here:See how its pretty thick? Just a small amount will do or a few light layers works well.

Soap & Glory Fill Month Cream Anti Wrinkle.jpg

So I decided that the best option is to use crows feet for comparison purposes but I don’t really have any? I have fine lines under my eye though and puffiness.

To show you, I really scrunched my face up here hence the horror picture esque photo of my eye – no crows feet.

Soap & Glory Anti Wrinkle Cream Crows Feet.jpg

So, I had to borrow the nearest wrinkly thing and that was Mr Candy. Mr Candy has very dry skin and being a boy, he doesn’t really do that much to his skin hence, the onset of crows feet.

He has enviable lashes by the way!


Mens eye crows feet Soap & glory.jpg

Don’t bother telling me to pluck Mr C’s eyebrows. I did it once and he whinged throughout AND a hetrosexual man with clean, well shaped eyebrows is just freaky.

After – I don’t know if its clear enough in the photograph but it did make a big different to the lines – it brightens as well as filling in the crows feet. Its quite very natural.

Soap & glory wrinkle Cream Crows feet.jpg

I like how the overall effect is quite matte, so you can pretty much use it even if you are oily, a bloke, in a hot climate, a cat. Ok, maybe not a cat.


Soap & Glory Fill Monty Cream Anti Wrinkle.jpg


Very effective for softening lines, great if you have a big do or you need to take some photos etc. Only £8 too from Boots or Harvey Nicks so musn’t grumble. Might take a bit of practise to get the right amount on though.

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  1. Lucky says

    I spotted this at Target quite some time back, but as I’ve yet to find anything that bests my beloved Clarins’ primer, I passed on it.

    • Row says

      Hallo Lucky!
      How are you! I love the clarins primer too after you recommended it 😀 I got the new Clarins blushers to have you seen them? They feel like the primer but have pigment…