So Kawaii Cheek! Canmake Cream Cheek Blusher Review

I have no idea what So Kawaii Cheek means, but I can imagine Pikachu saying it, so it’s staying.

I am a fan of Canmake, a Japanese make up brand which is very much on the lower end of the scale – it’s affordable, cute and interesting although not everything from the range is perfect.

I already own some of the Canmake Cream Cheek Blushers, they’re lovely, easy to blend and easy to use.

I purchase 2 of the new colours, 09 Loveable Pink and 10 Sweet Orange:


These are palm sized, so handy for carrying around and yes you can use them on your lips! They’re not too drying for that.I love these kind of bright cream blushers – they never look that bright once applied but they do add a really nice cute glow to the cheek.

Loveable Pink is a blue based pink it’s lovely. Sweet orange is a bright tangerine type shade, right up my alley:


The texture of these cream blushers is great – it’s neither too thin nor too thick. It has a milky creamy base type colour – it’s not sheer or transparent like say, a cheek tint type product.



Photos were taken before the blog changed so if they look a little grainy, my bad – my next batch of photographs will be taken at very hi res with my new camera.

Verdict: So cute, so lovely, well worth trying out. Only downside is that it won’t last all day – half a day at the most but it’s worth it! Plus no cream blush lasts that long on me.

I bought this from eBay, cost £6 each (much more expensive than the retail which is just £3-£4).

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  1. xKyu501x says

    Kawaii means cute :) This product is very popular among the Canmake range too =)

  2. says

    Ooh! I love Sweet Orange! I might have to purchase. I’ve been wanting to try Canmake for a while…I’m keen to try the Melty Nude lipsticks.

    I like the new layout of your blog too! x