So called Exchange Rate

So I recieved my MAC Antiqutease goodies today – good good, I am still waiting for the pigment sets to become availble online and the sparkle eyeliners.

I have a look on the US website and find the set of 5 pencils cost….tah dah….$29.50.

On the UK website it costs……..£24.50.

Oh hello. Only yesterday I am sure they said on the News that the pound is stronger than ever against the dollar, and is currently at $2.11 to £1.

So if I were to fly to the US this set would cost me £13.97! Uh-huh. There is something like a £10 difference there. I find it sort of outrageous – yeah yeah, things balance out but still, I do think it is a rip off when you charge so much more in the UK than you do everywhere else.

Oh nothing really, just a little moan. And no, buying from the US can also be costly, cos shipping and dreaded customs charges who these days have eagle eyes. Oh yeah, I get charged on an item which is over £18, even by 10p and the worst thing is that the customs charge may be fair, but the handling fee of £10 is just unacceaptable.

Time to get a best buddy in the USA I say!

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  1. the Muse says

    Anytime I am in the UK I am absolutely appalled by the obscene prices!

    I don’t know how you guys do it! Prices are nearly double or triple what we’d pay here in the US!

  2. RF says

    So true! Especially when the prices are, like you say, triple the cost! There are never really exceptions where things are….*gasps* cheaper!

  3. RF says

    Hi Anonymous – really? I thought we were the worse for it ‘rip-off Britian’ as we call it.

    I seriously need to make a friend in the US :O)