Sneak Peek: Trish McEvoy Voyager Kit Fall 2010

Not much info yet, just a gorgeous visual to show you.

On the counters from October and costing £61 is the Fall/Autumn Voyager Kit offering from Trish McEvoy:


Hubba Hubba, it’s a beautiful kit. You get the shadows, blush, lipgloss, four brushes and the little carry case.

You know I love having everything in one place – the brushes in particular caught my eye because Trish McEvoy brushes are super gorgeous – proper investment brushes so for me that would make the set a worthy purchase alone.

Like the look of it?

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  1. baby in a corner says:

    Those brushes are sooo cute! Not sure about the eyeshadow colours though

  2. It’s gorgeous – really wearable shades in case that looks totally chic. I’d throw £61 at this any day…(but wondering where they found that £1 from – surely £59.99 is psychologically easier on the purse!) x

  3. gorgeous travel kit :O
    the brushes look real nice. nearly everything you need in there!

  4. Emilyjane says:

    It’s cute and the price is OK….but as always with sets those brushes are not ones that I’d use (I think brushes are a very personal thing!) and as baby said, those eye colours, well, they ming. It would be nice if you could choose your own things to fill it with.

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