Snail Mail

I swear someone is screwing with me. My ususal timely parcels from Ichibankao and the like are not arriving…late, late, late. Is it because we have reached November and people are already buying stuff for Christmas? Do postal staff have a secret holidays period in October?

It’s the stuff from Asia which seems to be affected. Considering the fact I’ve actually had two things go totally AWOL in the post in the last 3 months, for the first time ever, I’m not filled with confidence.

Is anyone else having mail problems or is it just me? Mental note, must avoid ordering stuff in December as it could be very frustrating indeed.

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  1. cargolover says

    I’ve been waiting on my Dandelion blush for nearly a month now. It’s coming from the US and I’ve NEVER had a package go missing. I’m thinking of ringing my RM branch just in case someone attempted to deliver it but didn’t bother leaving a note.

  2. Row says

    Hey Chica!

    Oh godddd I am glad I’m not on my own. my Ichibankao still hasnt arrived and its normally like clockwork – 5 days max. It left Japan on the 23rd so its been nearly 2 weeks!!!!!!! I don’t have much hope :(