Smelly Cooking Hair? Try Salon Style Precious Head Spa Scalp Refresher & Mandom Baby Veil Hair Fragrance!

I do like cooking although I have to mentally prepare myself sometimes for spending hours in the kitchen; preparing meals for Baby H, lunches for Mr C, dinner and something healthy for myself in one go means spending lots of time cooking and cleaning simultaneously.  And something that annoys me so, is having freshly washed hair that gets infused with cooking smells, especially garlic!  We love garlic in this household!

To be fair I do wash my hair regularly, but sometimes when my hair is freshly washed I’d like to last more than a few hours, you know?  So then I am looking for hair solutions.  Truth = I don’t like dry shampoo.  It feels weird.  Maybe some people don’t notice it but to me, it feels icky…like pouring flour on oil.  Yak.  

So I did some investigations and ended up buying these two products from eBay:

Salon Style Precious Head Spa Mandom Baby Veil Hair Fragrance

I have here a scalp refresher and a hair fragrance. 

The first product is from Kose, and their Salon Style hair line – Precious Head Spa (don’t ask – Japanese products sometimes have overly long meaningless names) – the ‘Scalp Refresher’.

I have always had a sensitive scalp and I look out for interesting scalp treatments.  Also, I do find cooking smells can sit on the scalp as well as the hair which is why tis product appealed.

This Kose product comes with a special massage head, and is a light bubbly foam which disappears easily on the scalp.  It contains spa water, sunflower oil, peppermine extract and is designed to improve and maintain hair growth (which I need – my hormones are still going crazy post-natally and I am losing hair).  

The mousse has a slightly nice herbal scent.  

The weirdest thing about this head attachment is that YOU DON’T NEED TO PRESS ANYTHING. Just place it on you scalp and it starts to spray. Even if you hold it there lightly. Amazing! I was so impressed and a bit freaked out as it makes a gas-leak type of sound. I like. 

How does something small like this have an automatic release thing? That’s Japanese engineering for you!

Salon Style Precious Head Spa Mandom Baby Veil Hair Fragrance 1

For what I want it for – scalp refreshing – it’s great. My hair smells better, and I do think it gives my scalp a nice little massage and is helping it to feel less tight (I have quite dry skin on my scalp).  I can’t comment on if it works for hair growth – my hair is still in the falling out stage after pregnancy unfortunately.

I can’t think of anything else I have like this so I do like it!

Mandom Baby Veil Hair Fragrance  – perfume for hair may sound a little crazy but it’s quite popular in Japan.  I chose ‘Fresh Savon’ as this has a soapy clean smell like I’ve just washed it with a bar of Dove. 

Once again, as far as hair fragrances go, this is a great. It’s an aerosol so nice and light, no residue is left on the hair and it makes it smell very fresh and clean.  It’s much nicer on the hair and lighter than regular perfume, I think.

I prefer this product x1000 more than using some weird powder on it to make it smell better – this hair fragrance is traceless.

So these are product I like to use to keep my hair fresh if I can’t be bothered/don’t have time to do a quick wash!  I am an avid hair washer though (am down to every other day now) as I love the feeling of clean hair! 

Do you have any products you use for smelly hair?

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  1. Lin says

    This looks weird but interesting!
    I tend to put my hair up and cover it with a headwrap to avoid trapping food smells in my hair