Smashbox Click You’re It Photo Event with Steve Khan

A week or so ago I posted on the Smashbox Click You’re It photo event in Manchester – this is a chance for people to pop along to a Smashbox counter and have their make up done and have a set of photographs taken by one of their pro photographers.

I went along to a session in Boots Trafford Centre and I thought I’d share the results and experience!

Firstly the Smashbox counter in the Trafford Centre (one of the UK’s biggest shopping centres) is pretty big and has a vast, vast selection of products – it’s visually very interesting to look at. It’s worth nothing that Trafford Centre Boots (should you live oop North) has a lot of high end brands like Shiseido for example that have small stand counters. 

It does mean there’s less space for the brand and whilst it may not feel as luxe as a big posh counter it means you can browse in peace and also – importantly – use Boots points on the goodies! And Boots points are brilliant!

Here is Steve Khan – an Asian Jesus:

Steven Khan | Smashbox US

Now…I had an appointment at 3pm and unfortunately, the lady who was supposed to do my make up was running late so someone else on counter did my make up…

To be fair now, it was an extremely hectic day and there were queues of women wanting to get their make up done and photograph taken.

Now, I requested a colourful eye make up look then changed my mind seeing as, god forbid, I might actually end up with a decent photo of myself I can use on profiles etc.  I asked for a slightly smokey neutral taupe slate grey type eye (oh come on…you know what I mean!).

The downside of my make up is that I felt the eyes could’ve been done better – the MUA went for black when I said smokey even though I wanted more of a taupe – so the result was heavier than I’d had liked. I also needed to smudge it in a little to get the edges softer.

On the plus side, the base (the new Smashbox BB cream and green Primer) looked lovely and glwowy, and lasted well too. 

I didn’t manage to get a full list of products used as the SA said she didn’t have time to write it all down as she had used various palettes but she did tell me the base items (Green primer, BB Cream, HD Concealer, Loose fix powder) – I hope the Smashbox counter will use face charts in the future as they’re so important for customers to take home and refer to later as few people will buy everything at once with the brand being quite expensive.

After I had checked myself a bit in the mirror I went over to the photo area which was a big overhead softbox and some other bits of equipment – and met the cool for school Steve Khan, a very talented photographer indeed (using a Canon and 100mm macro lens in case you were wondering).  

He had obviously taken a zillion of these photos and the whole thing only took a few minutes and he was great at direction and made everything comfortable. He also shot on continuous mode which meant I had lots of shots to choose from (although they are similar, they’re great too cos how often do you look at a photo and think – if only I had tilted my head slightly to the left?).

Afterwards you get a memory stick with all the photos on – nifty!

And all of this is free of charge!

Anyway here is one of the shots- please do excuse my tired zzzz look – I awoke from my new baby coma in order to brush my hair and get myself out of the house for a bit!

Smashbox make over 1

I look like a Big Brother contestant.

All in all this event was great if not just for the photos – how often do most people get pro standard photos of themselves and they are NOT CHEESY and horrible like those soft focus pictures people get from dodgy studios…you know the sort.

Check our Smashbox and future Click You’re It events here.

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  1. says

    This is such a cool idea. I think your make up looks lovely, especially your skin.

    I don’t have much experience with Smashbox products but I’m itching to find a good BB cream. I was sent one to review but it’s way too dark and yellow for my ghostly skin tone.

  2. says

    You look so pretty! I think the “heavier” makeup doesn’t come across as such in the photo. Kind of how I’ll think I look great and then I go to take blog photos and I look like I’m not wearing enough makeup :-/ Gosh I hope I look this good so soon after having my baby!