SLS Free Baby Skincare and Haircare Products!

Baby Candy has a rather impressive collection of skincare, I tell ya, cos I can’t stop buying new products for him!

As he’s preterm and tiny, he seems to have very pink, translucent skin, which can get quite flaky at times (on his hands and feet).  I am dedicated of course, to keeping him well moisturised, but at the same time, I can’t yet give him a full body massage or anything as he gets cold very easily (and he gets cranky when he’s cold!). 

One thing I knew for sure – I wouldn’t use anything with SLS or Parabens on my baby’s skin,so a lot of the mainstream high street baby stuff was out.  So far so good – below are some brands I purchased and have been using (full reviews later!) and found some others I’ve not yet tried. 

1. Burt’s Bees Baby Bees

Burt s Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit | lookfantastic com

The range I’ve used the most is Burts Bees! There’s a nice selection of products in this starter kit from Chemist Direct (£10.70) and so far it’s lasted well these last few weeks.  It is quite strongly scented – especially the lotion – I prefer the wash and oil because of that. 

The nappy cream is very thick and quite good but because baby C has a rash, I put this to the side or now. 

The full size items aren’t as cheap as high street ranges but you do get a lot (they seem to vary around the £6-£10 price mark). 

2. L’Occitaine Maman & Bebe Range

Mom Baby Cream | Shea Butter | L OCCITANE en Provence | United Kingdom

I bought the L’Occitaine Cream and Gel wash – I wanted something thicker than a lotion and not quite a balm which can be quite oily and sit on the surface.  This range is quite expensive – £13 approximately per item and I could only find the gel in stock on their official site. 

3. Green Baby

I was intrigued by their petroleum free jelly and their sleep balm.  Some of their products are for babies from 3 months ONLY (read the back!) so some of the items I got in their starter kit weren’t suitable for immediate use. 

Win 1 of 4 Green Baby Skincare Sets Winner Notified | Daisy Green Magazine

This range isn’t cheap either and I noticed a lot of the products once opened have to be used in 3-6 months time.  I guess this is because of their lack of preservatives. 

I LOVE their petroleum free jelly – it’s not irritating to Baby C’s skin at all. 

4. Melvita Pour Bebe

Melvita does a lovely selection of skincare anyway – their Pour Bebe range consists of some nappy change milk, moisturisers, oil, soap and shampoo.  I tried the massage oil and cleansing water (no rinse) which I used with a cotton wool balls.

Baby Care | Hypoallergenic | Safe | Melvita UK

The range isn’t scented which makes it one of the more gentle ranges although it does have a sort of ‘earthy’ smell to it.  The prices are ok, for example the cleansing water is £9 for 200ml and it would last quite a while. 

5. Cowshed Baby Cow

I saw this super duper cute range from Cowshed and ordered the massage oil which I found at Cheap Smells for £5.99! 

Baby Cow Organics Rich Massage Oil

The massage oil is best used after a bath, and contains lavender, chamomile, meadowfoam. It’s a runnier version of the Burt’s Bees and Melvita massage oils – quite light and unburdensome on the skin and doesn’t leave too much of a nasty slick. 

Special Mention, Little Me Organics:

I haven’t tried this range myself but it’s organic, and really good value if you are on a budget – all of my above selections, lets face it, aren’t that cheap.  Prices are around £3.99 – £4.99. They make body washes, soaks, creams and bath milks in a selection of scents:

Sweet Dreams Collection | KMI Club keep me inspired

They also sell the range in Boots which makes it more accessible then the other ranges I’ve named above, if buying online ain’t your thing!

Don’t worry – I’ve been trying things out on Harrison very slowly and assessing how he reacts.  I’ll report back with my favourites in the future. 

In terms of none organic products, I have been using Sudocrem on his bum (he reacted to some other brands I tried on him) and just water and cotton wool to wipe OR for on the go, I got some wipes called DermaH20 waterwipes – which are very natural. 

Do you have any baby skin friendly products to add to the list?

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