Slimmer Tummy in 14 Days? The Rodial Tummy Tuck Gel and Slimming Sticks!

I was sent two Rodial slimming products to help me get into shape before my holiday (my so far non-existent holiday, might I add).

The two products target my big problem area – my tummy! Whilst not humungous, it’s certainly padded and could do with some serious flattening (weird – when I was 4 stone lighter I still thought I had a podgy stomach. Goes to show you’re never happy…)

First off is Rodial’s coveted tummy tuck gel.


This is supposed to make a difference in 2 months (or 8 weeks) reducing your tummy area by 2 cms. Fig extract and neuropeptides break down fatty cells and boost metabolism. Will it work? Well I am testing it and I will let you know!

So far so good – the clear thick gel is moisturising and has made my skin feel lovely and firmer. I am only a few days in though…


There’s no tingling or allergic reactions either. It’s expensive at £100 for 125ml so let’s see if it can shrink me down!

Next up is the Rodial Tummy Tuck Sticks…


These are sachets of powder which you mix with water to create a drink, which you have after your main meal in the evening.

You get 14 sticks and the course is therefore for 2 weeks.

This is a dietary supplement which helps digestion and reduces bloating; the tummy tuck stick helps flatten the tummy and waist through slimming, natural ingredients.

This contains Pineapple and Papaya, Fennel Seeds and Green Clay.

Now, I am Chinese so I have been trained in the art of drinking foul tasting herbal teas, but I must admit, this drink too my by surprise when I mixed it up! It’s the appearance (bright yellow) and the weird texture that got me:


What you see in there IS the fennel and chunks of papaya and pineapple! Rodial weren’t lying about their ingredients!

What it tastes like is a combination of pineapple and coconut. It’s quite lumpy and weird – I suggest down it in one, it’s not too hard to drink but it’s not a leisurely beverage either. Also you don’t need to mix it with too much water, so it’s not so bad!

This pack is £48 for 14 sticks, so once again it’s pricey but I will let you know what the result it!

I am trying to calorie count and do some exercise in the next 4 weeks too so hopefully the result will be decent!

Have you ever tried a slimming aid because of a special occasion?

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  1. Danielle Graves says

    I’ve never tried any slimming aids apart from Xenical and that didn’t have good effects let me tell you.

    I’ve been following Slimming World for 6 months now instead and have had a really good weight loss of 5 stone so far and I’m not depriving myself of anything so I’m really happy x

    • Row says

      Hi Danielle

      Slimming World sounds amazing! I know these calsses are the best because of the support you get and let’s face it – if I was being weighed every week I would be sticking to my diets too.

      But I don’t have the time or courage for that just yet! I would love to lose about 3 stone! Maybe I should look up slimmers world! x

  2. Kirsten T says

    I know someone who drinks bittergourd and celery juice to slim down, it work very well for her, I think it kills all appetite. Hope this helps you swallow the yellow mix and get rid of that 2 cm.

  3. Sian says

    Have these products worked for you at all or is it just all marketing gimmick? TIA for any info :)