Sleigh Bells ring – are you listening?

UPDATE: Ppppssstttt.  Check out my new blog for moaning.  Seeing as this is supposed to be a beauty blog no.1 and not a moaning one – here.

Sorry for the lack of posts! I have been confined to l’apartement, suffering from the dreaded flu and a skin eating bug.  Well ok, not a skin eating bug, but still…On top of that I am having a pretty rough month.  Does this mean January can only get better?  Roll on 2009.

I am finally getting pictures of my collection together.  I doubt I will have time to do all the swatches too but I think item pictures will still be useful for people who can’t decide what to buy online. I don’t have any lemmings this month aside from some Creme De La Mer and the Le Mer Eye Concentrate.  Having said that Nars have released their Multiple Bronzers so surely this has to be a beauty purchase?

Read on, read on, I promise there will be good things to come…

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  1. says

    Flu season started a few months back for us in the States; I hadn’t had the flu for several years now, so of course I was due for one. I’m still pretty weak from the flu myself, so I can only imagine what it must be like for you. Plenty of fluids, bed rest, and all that.

  2. Row says

    Hi Pandy

    Yeah I am pretty weak and I haven’t ventured outdoors for 4 days which is pretty bad cos the flat is starting to stink….I know I feel sorry for myself!