Sleek MakeUP & Twlight Giveaway: Day 10

vampire cat.jpg

WIN the LE Graphite I-Divine Palette from Sleek MakeUP! For the next 10 days we will be giving a palette away each day. You can enter no matter where you live in the world. You can enter on each day to increase your chances of winning although you will only be entered once each day.

Leave you answer in the comments and you will automatically be entered!

Question:Vampire, Warewolves are both kinds of horror movie bad guys.

If you were going to be a monster in a film, what would you be?



The Blob.

Why? Its just hilarious!

Tell me in the comments!

Remember winners will be announced next week!

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  1. While not really a total “monster” – but still always creeped me out as a kid – I’d be the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Never trusted that grin, but there was something so charming about those purple stripes!!

  2. I’d be Sulley from Monsters Inc. So cute huh?

  3. I would be Celia Mae from Monsters vs Aliens. She is a monster who begins her romance with one of the monsters: Mike (the one green with the big eye). I like love stories and this is so cute…

  4. night mare on elm street..series of this movie still gives me creeps and nightmares.and i alwys wondered how helpless victim wod’ve felt in their dreams getting slashed

  5. I think I’d want to be a vampire. I just love all the cool powers they have!

  6. I’d love to be a vampire i love them, just amazing creatures xx

  7. I would be the scary Alien, the mother one who was seriously angry all the time!!!

  8. I would ,ike to be a combination of both a vampire and a werewolf.