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Question:Tell me what your scariest experience has been – can be paranormal or something a little more conventional.


I watched the film, Paranormal Activity recently and it disturbed me so much (even though I thought the film itself was rubbish). Lay awake at night, thinking I could feel someone touching my arm…urgh…..

Tell me in the comments!

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  1. tousledkitten says

    My scariest experience isn’t suitable to mention here, so I’ll tell you something a little more light-hearted. When I was in my early teens I watched lots of horror films with my best friends. When we were walking to the bus stop to go home we walked down an alley and at the end of the alley someone stopped right in front of us and put up their umbrella really suddenly. Boy did I scream! Lol.

  2. Melia says

    When I was young, my next door neighbors loved watching horror movies, especially the “Halloween” series. I can still vividly remember my nightmares from those films.

  3. CC says

    My scariest experience was when I saw the Blair Witch project in theaters, years ago. I was living with my best friend and her boyfriend at the time at his house and he was sure there were ghosts in his house. I was terrified to sleep alone so I spent the next 3 or so weeks sleeping with them in their room! I think they hated me after that! haha

  4. Deanna says

    My scariest experience would have to be back a few years ago in the winter sometime. It was snowing real bad, the roads were real icy & I was driving back home from the gym. I was heading to an intersection and the light turned red so I put on my breaks but since it was so icy I slid a little into the lane next to me & just as I did this huge semi truck came barreling down the lane and just missed my car by like a couple millimeters. It scared the living daylights out of me!

  5. says

    well, my scariest moment is not paranormal and I’m still experiencing the effect of it now, my mom went through gallbladder stone surgery last June and it the surgery turned out wrong, I think too much anesthesia was used? She didn’t wake up and I saw the flat line 2x…she was’s her 2nd life now..but she’s different from who she was before :( Now that’s a heart wrenching story..sorry..that’s all I can think of for now

  6. Tigerslovepepper says

    Last summer, Disneyland Paris: Tower of Terror.
    I thought it was like a phantom manor or something, I didn’t expect that it was a gravity-defying drop. I found out just when the elevator started the drop sequence with the doors open. You can hear the screams of its poor passengers even if you are in line for other attractions.
    Quite scary (but funny too, of course)! 😀

  7. Halifax says

    I was actually more scared of bad people when I walked alone at night than of scary movies :-) My first time at Disneyland, I lined up for a roller coaster inside a dark building without knowing it. So obviously, I was scared

  8. says

    kind of banal, but my apt. neighbor got really upset about the noise of daily living that I made in my apt., so he started banging on the adjoining wall when I was taking a shower. I was afraid to use the air-conditioning and spent a hot, sweaty, silent night barely sleeping, and when I moved out I was freaked out that I would run into him 😛

  9. sue says

    My scariest experience is definitely staying at a haunted hotel room by myself! It was 2003 @ HK airport during the SARS outbreak. There was no more flight to KL that day so I had to stay overnight and catch the plane the next day. When I got out of the elevator, I could sense the whole floor is empty (no one lives here). The air feels cold/still and the silence is deafening. I proceed to look for my room and unlock the door. To my surprise, as the door swing open–the TV is switched ON. How creepy is that?? The room was empty tho and no one was occupying it. I was the occupant. Nevermind that, as I went inside and inspect the room closer. I just got an equally eerie feeling as I stepped off the elevator. There’s just something not right about this place. The walls and paintings are painted in a deep maroon shade. Dark, gloomy, and evil. Inside there were two beds, one facing the mirror and the other facing the tv. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t sleep in front of those things. But I don’t have a choice. I picked to sleep on the bed in front of the tv. The other weird thing about that room is the TV can’t be shut off. The remote was not to be found. The cable was padlocked onto the wall. And I couldn’t locate the main switch. It was SO weird. I was tired too from my long flight to bother, so I just took a shower and went to sleep afterwards. I muted the tv and sleep undercovers the whole night. I checked out super early the next day.

  10. says

    One of my scariest moments was when I was in 8th grade. I was at a friends house watching the Exorcist when the lights turned out. We were totally freaked and just as we looked toward the window to see if it was raining, a giant crow slammed right into it! Oh my goodness, I thought I was going to have a heart attack! The lights turned right back on after, it was so odd!

  11. says

    This is not scary as scary films but It really spooked me out. I was on a night out with my flatmates in Manchester (1 hour away from the little town where I live and work) in a restaurant. The restaurant was crowded but they managed to find us a table in the lower ground floor. There I was talking sharing a story about a colleague (university tutor), and totally bitching behing her back. And who comes in,bang on when I was talking, in that same lower ground floor, that saturday night, the very teacher! I am not sure if it was karmawas what, but blooming heck that scared me!!!

  12. Rachel says

    I had my most frightening moment when I was about 19 and I was studying in college. The campus was in the middle of nowhere, so we were surrounded by forests. My friends and I stayed off-campus in our final year but it was still very close to the college; roughly 10 mins away by car. I remembered it was an unusual warm night. Too warm that I left the window open as I went to bed. I woke up in terror when I heard a really loud knock on the door. Somebody was banging his fist on the door (main entrance to the house). I was scared because the door was right next to my bedroom window that was left open. What feared the most came true when a really tall dark man approached my window. It was so dark but I could still see his face. I tried to scream but no sound came out. My heart felt like it could pound out of my chest. He said “please, I need help!”. But i wouldn’t listen to anything he said. It was in the middle of the freaking night and I was scared for my life. So I tried screaming again and this time it was a loud scream. I screamed repetitively while he pleaded and until he eventually left. My flatmate finally came out of her room as he walked away so she never saw him. I cried so much in her arms that night and till this day (5 years later) that memory still gives me the chills.

    So from that night henceforth, I have never slept with the windows open again.

  13. says

    Paranormal Activity WAS rubbish… but it really had me thinking & up all night. I watched it over 2 weeks ago & I still can’t sleep like a normal person would.
    A real life experience would be… well I can’t think of one, so let’s keep it that way!

  14. nachtfee says

    I cant decide if this is paranormal or just a very strange coincidence, but anyway – A month after my grandmother died I dreamt of her coming back and trying to take my mother. I cried and said to her to leave my mother…but she said she must take someone with her and I woke up in tears. The next day my mother told me our neighbour died in hospital the previous night. I still get the chills when I think about that…creepy.

  15. Heather says

    My roommate and I were watching the Ring for the first time in our dorm room. Well, we had told one of the girls on our hall that we were watching it, and right at the moment when the phone rings in the movie with the creepy little girl’s voice, the girl on our hall called our room and we both jumped out of our skin! Haha.

  16. says

    The creepiest thing that happened to me was when i was about 9. Was looking for my brother one night, and peeked into the guest bdroom to see if he was there. The room was dark, but there was this dark silhouette/figure by the table there so i thought it was him and called his name. There was no reaction so I turned on the light, and there was nothing there :/ He was actually in his own room sleeping. Since then i’ve always been a bit freaked out about sleeping in that guest room…:(

  17. kelily says

    Our last house was “haunted” by an old woman ghost who apparently lived in the attic. There was a spooky empty armchair up there that has been there forever that belonged to this woman. The creepy part is that several past tenants described the same exact woman and experiences to the landlord – without ever having met each other to share the story.

    I never noticed anything unusual when we lived there, but my husband swears he sensed something when he was alone there one night.

    I never bought it, but the whole story is kind of cool.


  18. Alli says

    Once I was walking home from a movie with some friends, and we thought a car was following us, so we walked faster, but it kept following up, and we were freaked!
    Anyway, after about 10 minutes, I was almost home and the car that was following us stopped, and a man got out of the car. We clung to each other and watched him walk out. Then he vomited on a tree and drove off. I guess it was just a drunk driver, but that scared the popcorn out of me!

  19. Gabriela says

    My scariest experience was when I went to the cinema with some friends to see the film “The cure”. The movie was full of terror and fright and my friends attempted to scare me. I recognize that they succeeded. Since then I haven`t go the cinema to see horror films.

  20. says

    Though I’m the type that doesn’t want to believe in spirits/ghosts/afterlives, there is one unexplained occurrence that still boggles my mind to this day.

    My grandfather passed away about 5 years ago in China, but before that he and my grandmother lived in our guestroom at the end of the hallway for a few years (we live in the States). Two mornings after he passed away, I went downstairs to have breakfast with my parents and sister and the first thing they asked me was, “Did you turn on the hallway lights last night, and forget to turn it off? The light was on till this morning.” I was confused and told them that I had no clue what they were talking about, and they all looked at each other weird. So all the accounts put together was this– my younger sister groggily remembers opening her eyes in the middle of the night and seeing light under the slit of her door (all of our rooms access the same hallway as the guest room); my mom & dad got up in the morning and found the hallway light on, so they turned it off.

    Since no one in the house turned on that hallway light, my mom suspects that it was my grandfather’s spirit, coming back to us for one last visit before he “left the world.” I personally don’t know what to believe, but that is certainly one of the most supernatural/creepiest things that I’ve experienced in my life.

  21. says

    I had the creepiest experience EVER at a main tourist attraction in the town that i live in.. Me and my friend (who is a paranormal loooover) went upto the castle jail in proper daylight.. went inside and said hi to the woman at the desk who just sold touristy type of stuff.. went properly inside the “jail” and we suddenly felt chilly and heard a humming noise.. it was this strange humming sound and my heart POUNDED O M G. Then we heard a rustle of keys and light thuds so we screamed and ran back to the main entrance and started telling the woman at the desk we heard noises and we all looked up at the security cameras – no one was there in the rooms we went into and i have never been so scared to go back in!

    The woman told us to be afraid of the living, not the dead, but that was way way way scary!!
    The men’s jail cells are locked off and completely padlocked as the spirits are said to be extremely violent. ARGHHHH it’s giving me shivers just typing this…

  22. irma says

    well the scariest thing was when my professor on university blackmailed me for my vote a year ago. he offered me sex in his apartment the same day. i was so in shock that such a thing can happen on university during the exams. when i refused he grabed me on force and touched me all over. i scratched him and run away. a year after,(last month) other girl accused him and university did nothing and he is still teaching. the most scary thing including his violent behaviour is his appearance.
    he doesnt need a halloween mask, that’s for sure. here’s the link of his uni page with his pic:

  23. Jess says

    The scariest thing was when my sister had an aneurysm last year and we were all worried sick, scared that she would not make it through. Fortunately everything went well and she’s still alive and kicking!

  24. Melissa says

    My scariest experience has been when a friend and I went to a haunted house on halloween. Everything was going well until someone in a masked costume came out of nowhere and scared the bejesus out of my friend which in turn freaked me out! It was actually funnier in retrospect than scary…lol.

  25. Teressa says

    My scariest experience would have been when I was a child and my parents didn’t notice that they walked off without me on a busy street when we were traveling in Hong Kong.


  26. says

    Scariest experience was seeing a psychic and hearing someone “whisper” in my ear; and then feeling like I was being followed by ugly black birds for the whole week following. ech. Talk about feeling like I was in an Alfred Hitchock movie! Never again will I see a psychic.

  27. Elaine T. says

    My scariest experience was when I got robbed. It was awful and I was so nervours that I started laughing for no reason.

  28. says

    There’s been a few times, but one of them was when i watched the movie The Mist. It was scary… now i can never walk down a dark, quiet and misty street without remembering scenes from the movie! scary giant insects attacking people. Dx

  29. kayce says

    my father was driving me to school one morning. i was running late, and he was going faster than he should have. my school sits atop a steep hill, and the roads that lead to it are curved, with the hillside on the right, and a sheer drop to the left.

    the roads were a bit slick from earlier rainfall, and during the last turn, the car careened out of control, spun one and a half times (almost fell off the edge) and butted up against the hillside.

    we were but a few feet from going off the edge of the cliff.

  30. says

    I had this car accident when I was 17. I was with my friend and our car knocked on a divider and flip over. All the windows broke into pieces and my friend got injuries all over with a lot of glass pieces on the flesh. I was miraculously unhurt. No one single injuries from that accident. I was too afraid to tell my parents until I finally talk about it as a joke after 5 years. = =

  31. says

    the bf and me watched resident evil 4 in cinema (year 2008) i was asleep.. in my dreams.. i was chased by those monsters in resident evil.. yah.. it almosts scared me to death.. i wake up and i transferred to my sisters bed..

    im not going to watch it again, even there would be another chapter of resident evil =( it scares hell out of me

  32. Nina says

    When I was a kid we watched this movie called ‘It’ which starred Tim Curry as a clown that killed kids. As a kid I didn’t scare that easily but this movie scared the crap out of me! It didn’t help that one of the kids in the movie was an asthmatic like me and was carrying an inhaler. I sort of identified myself with the kid that made me even more scared. I couldn’t sleep for days.

  33. diskogal says

    Well, someone tried to attack me just outside of my house a couple of years ago. Fortunately he ran as soon as I started screaming but it still was a traumatic experience :/

  34. says

    I haven’t had paranormal activity but a scary incident was when my friend passed away from drowning and I was there to witness it….that was crazy!

  35. Frännny says

    Don’t know a special experience but I’m afraid of the dark and when I was younger I used to live in the suburbs of my city with most of my friends a fifteen-minutes-walk away. So to get home from them I had to walk trough fields and that was always the scariest thing cause you couldn’t see a thing in the dark.
    Still hate to be in the dark :(

  36. says

    When I was a kid we, me and my brother and sisters would go to the province during summer at our grandparents house. That house was around at the turn of the century (Spanish occupation period in the Philippines). During the second world war, they had to hide in the sugar cane fields to escape the Japanese (who at that time were the enemy). So the house was left and occupied by soldiers and prisoners of war. At night there would be sounds of chairs and chains dragging and we would hear it as we tried to sleep. I dared not to open my eyes.

  37. says

    What was my scariest experience. I was cleaning collard greens for dinner, and a hugh grasshopper was in the bunch of greens. I unknowlingly pick it up in my hand. I screamed and tried to run quickly out of the kitchen, however my legs were not moving quick enough. My sons recused me and got rid of the grasshopper. I do not clean or buy any kind of greens any more. One of my sons buys, cleans and cooks the greens for the family. That was really a horrible experience for me.