Sleek MakeUP & Twlight Giveaway: Day 3


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Question:So I know a lot of you love Twilight – but the Vampire film as been around for years. So tell me –

What is your favourite Vampire film?


Mr Vampire – its a really old Hong Kong film. Makes me happy watching it now. Mr C absolutely loves it, which annoys me as I feel like he is stealing my childhood memories.

A Chinese vampire hops:

mr_vampire01.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x224 pixels).jpg

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  1. says

    The Nosferatu films, I did a guys makeup once like that for halloween. It paid really well, and I got to really re-create the character, and he came to LIFE. He was pretty creepy all night too, actually saw him draw blood on “Amy Winehouse”.
    Check out my first tutorial and let me know what ya’ll think, I wanna do smokey eye next and this pallette give away could make my demo WAY easier…

  2. Tigerslovepepper says

    Near Dark: horror/Western movie. 😀

    P.S. It seems that vampires can be cured with a transfusion!

  3. Pinklye says

    I don’t really like vampire film, but I love Buffy the vampire slayer and Queen of the Damned with the beautiful Aaliyah :)

  4. Mazzy says

    I havent really seen many Vampire films, but like alot of other people It’s Interview with the Vampire :)


  5. Teressa says

    my favourite vampire movie would be the old Hong Kong vampire movies/comic films too! where the vampires dressed in the ancient palace gear (like the one in your reference YT video) with an omen “Fu” stuck on their forehead and their tongues sticking out, jumping around with their arms parallel to each other hehehehe

  6. says

    I can’t say as I’ve ever actually watched a vampire film…but…if I were to pick one, it would be an oldie like the silent film Nosferatu from 1922 or Dracula from 1931!

  7. diskogal says

    Probably ‘Let the right one in’. I saw at the local film festival a year ago and I still remember it vividly. Such a lovely movie…

    But I also love the big Hollywood ones, like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Interview with a Vampire etc. And when I was little I loooved the ‘Little Vampire’ book series. I guess I like vampires after all…more than warewolves anyway (and they are always so stylish and beautiful, aren’t they?)

  8. Frännny says

    Hm, like almost everybody else “Interview with a Vampire”

    Was my first vampire-book and movie and I still like it (although the book is better!)

  9. Nina says

    Woops, almost missed this one! I will never tire of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, I just love it! Interview With The Vampire is a close second.