Sleek MakeUP & Twlight Giveaway: Day 2

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WIN the LE Graphite I-Divine Palette from Sleek MakeUP! For the next 10 days we will be giving a palette away each day. You can enter no matter where you live in the world. You can enter on each day to increase your chances of winning although you will only be entered once each day.

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Question:Easy one for you today, before I get tough.

What is your favourite line ever, from a film??

Me: From Babe….”That’ll do pig. That’ll do.”

I use it on Mr Candy, the kids, my mother, everyone I can who doesn’t look like they could beat me to a pulp.

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  1. Angie says

    “You get canned more than tuna, bitch”
    So Funny…two of the guys talking to each other from the movie Good Will Hunting about getting fired from his job.

  2. diskogal says

    Aahh too many favorite movies, too many favorite lines. For some reason the first that came to my mind is:
    “She doesn’t quite chop his head off. She makes a Pez dispenser out of him.”
    from Sin City. I haven’t had the chance to use it in real life though.

    And I think that pretty much every single line of The Big Lebowski would qualify. Ah, the Dude. I’ll never get enough of him.

  3. says

    Mia: Don’t you hate that?
    Vincent: What?
    Mia: Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it’s necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?
    Vincent: I don’t know. That’s a good question.
    Mia: That’s when you know you’ve found somebody special. When you can just shut the f*** up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.

    Couldn’t just choose 1 line! pulp fiction…fave.

  4. Frännny says

    Mine is from “Casablanca”. There’s a German couple talking trying to speak English

    It’s like:

    husband: Sweetnessheart, what watch
    wife: Ten watch.
    husband: Such much?
    and then the English waiter: You will get along beautifully in America!

    It’s sooo funny!

  5. Gabriela says

    My favourite line is: “I`ll have what she`s having” (an older woman who heard Sally fakes an orgasm) from the film When Harry Met Sally…

  6. tigerslovepepper says

    “I have a dream”
    “What dream?”
    “To have a dream”.
    George ( Simon Rex) and Tom (Charlie Sheen) from Scary Movie 3. I was in tears… 😀

  7. myrissa says

    from the devil wears prada

    nigel said to andy: you are in desperate need of Chanel!

    i heard it once and it stuck in my head. i say it every time i have a bad hair (or makeup) day 😉

  8. Cheryl says

    There was a movie that had a quote: ” Whatever you want to do, do it now. For life is time and time is all there is.” I found it really inspiring and it became one of my favourite quotes that I like to use.