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Question:Vampires are supposed to be immortal.

Immortality – overrated or not? Discuss.


I would be immortal if everyone I liked could be immortal too. Otherwise, no. I don’t want to live long enough to poo in my pants and not even notice. Or do I not age? I wouldn’t want to be young forever either – one needs to get old I think, to appreciate the passing of time.

Tell me in the comments!

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  1. says

    Over rated, I think it’s fabulous in theory, but like you, unless all my lvoed ones were immortal as well then it’d make me ridiculously unhappy.

  2. Halifax says

    People will get tired at one point, even with being immortal :-) Like living your life all over and over again

  3. ritsi says

    It’s a lovely idea,but unfortunately isn’t true!!!
    I love life and why not immortality…
    A litle bit borring!!!

  4. kayce says

    immortality (without aging) would be great. i want to know what happens a hundred years from now. a thousand. ten thousand. can you imagine…

  5. myrissa says

    no i dont want to be immortal. when the time has arrived for me to die, then die i will. ive been enjoying life like crazy knowing i will die one day. i wouldnt enjoy and appreciate life as i do now if i know i will live forever. sometimes u just have to follow the rule of the universe eh?

  6. rain says

    i like the idea of being immortal…without aging – you would never have to buy anti-aging treatments/cosmetic surgery, would know & experience history and see the future. though having immortal friends maybe good or bad (nice to have someone around forever but you may get tired of them..)

  7. says

    Immortally I would think that it would be a gift and a curse. Vampires can not have children.The mortal people who were a part of their lives before they became vampire , grow old, become ill and die.