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Question:Vampires are supposed to be immortal.

Immortality – overrated or not? Discuss.


I would be immortal if everyone I liked could be immortal too. Otherwise, no. I don’t want to live long enough to poo in my pants and not even notice. Or do I not age? I wouldn’t want to be young forever either – one needs to get old I think, to appreciate the passing of time.

Tell me in the comments!

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  1. says

    I think immortality is definatley overrated cause I mean theres only so many cool things you could do, and after u done all that whats left? nothing so ud prob wanna die if u were a vamp eventually anyway. I hope i answered this in a way you wanted…lol

  2. tigerslovepepper says

    I don’t want to live long enough to get Alzheimer’s but if I could remain young probably I would be immortal. Life is so interesting!

  3. yl says

    sure. i want to check out how we evolve over the ages, and would love to see all the stuff from sci-fi books come true! robots, cryogenics, space travel etc :):)

  4. kelily says

    I think it’s overrated and that the system works pretty well the way it is. I would hate, hate, hate to outlive loved ones.

  5. Nina says

    I would love to be able to live way beyond my life expectancy just to see what great feats humanity can achieve in the coming centuries. Once I’ve seen enough then I’d gladly pass on. I wouldn’t want to be fully immortal, maybe semi-immortal if there was such a thing!

  6. tousledkitten says

    Immortality without ageing sounds like heaven to some but watching everyone you love die would be torture. Also, I imagine that the number of things you wish you could forget grows over time.

  7. says

    Immortality… is waaay overrated. Why would I want to live forever in our corrupt world? If I did something wrong, it would literally stay with me for the rest of my never ending life! I would meet people who I could fall in love with & have them age while I stay the same. I don’t want to keep losing those that I love. It would definitely be cool to see how far technology can go but… no. War & hate, it never ends & I don’t want to see it. Plus, if there was such athing as immortality – how could you say, “Live each day as if it were your last”?

  8. Heather says

    I think it’s overrated to watch thousands of years just pass by you in a blink of an eye with no end for yourself in sight. Loved ones gone, even centuries gone. It’s just best the way it is now :)

  9. says

    I agree with the depends. Loved ones dying? Wouldn’t like to see that over and over again. Getting to have them with me? Immortality would be awesome. Party time!

  10. Holly says

    I imagine after a few hundred years, you’d be really zen. You’d have seen the same cycles of event and consequence over and over, fashions go round and come back and so on, which would make all the petty day-to-day stuff that means nothing in the long term seem really, really pointless.

    You’d probably just be really chilled out and into having a good time rather than striving and worrying.

  11. Cheryl says

    Immortality is overrated. I’d rather live life the way it is right now cause its the only one chance we get. E.g. we are only 25 once. It’s just ridiculous if you are able to stay put at 25 and not grow old. You will not appreciate the meaning and the process of life that way.

  12. Angie says

    I think immortality is very overrated. It would be horrible to watch everyone around you who you know and love age and eventually die over and over again. Then if you did find someone you loved who wasn’t immortal would you want to curse them with the same thing?

  13. Melia says

    Overrated. I’d rather grow old with those I love. rather than to have to go on without them forever. (For some reason I have the song from “The Highlander” in my head now)

  14. says

    Nope I wouldn’t want to live for eternity. History repeats itself so much I’d be bored with life. Still, an extended lifespan would be nice – maybe a couple hundred years combined with extended youth.

  15. beatriz says

    i’d like to live a few hundred years at a young age but not much more than that. it would be so interesting to see how things change!

  16. Irene says

    I think would not like to be immortal because everyone I know would not survive and I would be alone

  17. Jo Bryan says

    I would only be immortal if my family and close friends were too. Otherwise I think I would be too hardened dealing with loss, a bit deep I know, but I dont think its for me. however I could do with another 100 years life span and a fit body to go with it!

  18. amber says

    Immorality on earth sort of freaks me out. If I could live forever, there would be no surprises, life would probably get boring. Plus it would be awful to see others around me wither away while I was forever alive. I’m too emotional of a person for that! 😉 It’s a fun concept to play with though.

  19. Frännny says

    I wouldn’t want to live forever.
    I guess after some time life would be boring and I think deep inside one loves living just because you know that it’ll end someday. That’s what makes life so intersting! You never know when it’ll end so you have to enjoy every second!

  20. MandyP says

    Immortality is a bit of a double-edged sword; I wouldn’t want to wind up like Endymion of Greek mythology or the Struldbrugs from Gulliver’s Travels. Eternal youth doesn’t suite me either as I’m young now, but far from healthy (seriously kids: don’t inbreed). Can there be a third choice: eternally hot (y’know, like Charlotte Rampling or Helen Mirren)?

  21. Alli says

    Overrated. I’d have too much trouble stressing about who would find out and dissect me to find out what’s wrong with me :(

  22. says

    Probably overrated. I imagine that it would become a big hassle too because every few years you’d have to relocate and get new documents. I don’t think you can run around with a license and security card that say you’re 60 when you only look 30; after a while people would begin to think that there’s something wrong with you, or that you are an identity thief.

  23. Gabriela says

    Thinking about this makes me feel sad because it remember me the death…

    I agree with you, I would like to be immortal if everyone I loved could be immortal too.

  24. says

    hmm I’d try it if there was a “potion” or whatever that could move time on me and make me mortal again, when I get fed up being 20-something. Who wants to be old with hurting legs and back, bad eyes, unable to hear what others say?? I don’t. I don’t even want wrinkles! To remain youthful, that’s what I want! Have to drink blood for that? I might even get used to the taste. But, seeing everyone die who I once loved….it’s not something I could live with forever. After the last loved one, I’d definitely take that potion to go after them the soonest.

    oh, one more thing, I’m not sure I want to see the future. You know, when there’s not enough water, UV rays burning people to death, etc, etc. Don’t want….

  25. Megan Padovano says

    Although immortality may tempt some, I think in the long run it could leave one depressed and lonely.

  26. Mazzy says

    I agree immorality is overrated. Yes, it would be awesome to be immortal and live a long life and see things happen that us, mortal folk cant but we are born to live life, to challenge ourselves to make the most of life we’ve got. By being immortal it takes away the incentives to lead fufilling lives, i believe. So yes imortality is overrated!


  27. says

    After reading enough fiction, I’m pretty sure that immortality is overrated. The passing of friends and the loneliness would be pretty unbearable. Ever read Tuck Everlasting? Such a sad, sad story!

  28. says

    if i could live forver, i wanted it at my age today.. 23 forever hahaha.. i think you’re right dear, you could only enjoy to live longer together with your special someone.. and maybe, that quote: “i love you forever” will becoming true lol..

    hugs rowena.. im using the “12 eye definer shade: shimmering steel” at the moment
    (the one you’ve sent me before.. i like it, and my co-officemate like it too)

  29. Mary says

    It’s way overrated! Isn’t the limit of time what makes life, love, and history so interesting? Plus, can you imagine having to spend eternity with some of the people in your life who you are less than fond of? Oh wait…that wouldn’t be eternity…that would be hell…my mistake! :)

  30. Gigi says

    Soo overrated. If life went on forever, then there would be no meaning to anything. No end point…just living on forever…Dying sucks, but living forever sucks way more.

  31. says

    I believe the idea of immortality may be a bit too glorified & overrated. True, I would also prefer to live forever in my current age & state only if everyone that I love & care about could too (although I would much rather just fulfill a natural human lifespan) … but how about them? Would they want it too? If not, we’d all just eventually become increasingly jaded as the decades, centuries, and millenniums pass… perhaps coming to live in a state of misery. Everyone and everything that we once knew would no longer cease to exist, except as fragments and images in our memory. The world would continue to age along with our minds, but our bodies would remain inconsistent with the truth.

    Thank you for this sort of philosophical & thought-provoking question, it really took a minute to digest and some self-reflection :)

  32. says

    Under the right conditions immortality would be fantastic. But being the only immortal while everyone/everything else around you is mortal? I think that would be highly overrated.

  33. sassyele says

    i’d rather live a normal life and die when nature intended – the thought of ‘immortality’ fills me with dread! life is tough enough the first time round without it dragging on even longer! x
    fab comp and super prize…good luck everyone! xx

  34. says

    Immortality would be exciting for the first few years of your “existence”. However, once the people you love begin to die, or you are forced to stay away from them due to your immortality, then I think it would take its toll. There in lies the catch 22, you cant die so where do you go after you have seen everything?

  35. Mspixie says

    I strogly believe that i coudn’t stand imortality!!Idon’t want to see my family and the people I love to die.Its very hard for me,too tough!!!Dying sucks, but living forever sucks way more……

  36. Eliane T. says

    Overrated. I don’t want to live forever. It looks like would be a boring life. I don’t know…

  37. Rachel says

    Yea, Immortality is way overrated! If we could live forever, people would start taking everything for granted. Nothing is appreciated, not even loved ones.

  38. fany says

    Living 100 years or more I can’t stand it.I have lots of problems and I don’t want to live more,having 100 more problems…No thank you!! Also,happiness is moments lets enjoy them!!

  39. Jan says

    overrated. seeing the world grow worse- i.e. more violence, disease, death- just would kill me despite my immortality. Sadness is overwhelming.

  40. diskogal says

    I would love to live forever. Or maybe not forever, but at least 200 years or so! Life is too short :(