Sleek MakeUP & Twilight Giveaway: Day 1


WIN the LE Graphite I-Divine Palette from Sleek MakeUP! For the next 10 days we will be giving a palette away each day. You can enter no matter where you live in the world. You can enter on each day to increase your chances of winning although you will only be entered once each day.

Leave your answer in the comments and you will automatically be entered!

Question:Who is your favourite Vampire character, ever?


Its got to be Count Duckula!

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  1. Kiki says

    I like Lestat from “Interview with the vampire” / “Queen of the damned” best, although he seems to have different characters in each movie lol

  2. Frännny says

    I really like Armand from Anne Rice. He’s kinda hard to understand in “Interview with a Vampire” but I love “his” book (“The Vampire Armand”)!

  3. says

    My dog’s called Buffy, so you can tell which show I love most. Bestest vamp is definitely Spike though – who wouldn’t love those cheekbones?

  4. myrissa says

    the count of coz! he is verryy cunning and as determine as val helsing & the gang. you gotta adore his guts!