Sleek MakeUP & Twilight Giveaway: Day 7


WIN the LE Graphite Palette from Sleek! For the next 10 days we will be giving a palette away each day. You can enter no matter where you live in the world. You can enter on each day to increase your chances of winning although you will only be entered once each day.

Leave your answer in the comments and you will automatically be entered!

Question:Let’s say you are unlucky enough to meet a vampire (a bad one, not one that looks like Robert Patterson) – how would you kill it?

All you have is your usual day bag with you…no, you weren’t carrying garlic.


I’d chuck some Tabasco sauce in its face (I carry it sometimes) then kick him in the gonads.

This giveaway is for one LE palette in Graphite from Sleek MakeUP to celebrate the launch of Twilight: New Moon. Whether you like Twilight or not – this palette is well worth getting your paws on!

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  1. Tigerslovepepper says

    Are you sure? Not one that looks like Pattinson? Quite unfair…
    I’ll take my pocket mirror out and I’ll try to reflect the sun light right in his eyes to blind him.

    Ok, probably it would be more effective if I talk enough to bore him to death.

  2. Deanna says

    I’d hit him w/my pepper spray, zap him with my tazer, then jab him in the eyes with my car keys.

  3. says

    similar to yours – spray him with my alcohol hand sanitizer. 60% alc is enough to burn eyes. Then while he’s down kick him …there LOL. Or beat him with my heavy duty designer bag ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Holly says

    I’d try and kill him even if he DID look like Robert Pattinson. That dude has a face like a foot!

    (I’m totally not winning now, am I?!)

    Anyway, I think I’d show the vampire a dental bill for treatment of fangs. I mean you’ve got to find a specialist vampire dentist, and they’re few and far between, and they charge through the nose, and getting specially-made caps and fillings, well that’s going to run you a good few hundred, not to mention how often those things need cleaning, I mean blood STAINS!

    Hopefully just the sight of the stratospheric “total” line on the bill would be enough to give him a heart attack, thus saving me any effort ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. tousledkitten says

    I’d flash my UV light in his face to see if he melted a little bit, then I’d try to use random beauty products and bag paraphernalia as a stake to ram through his heart. Hmm, lip-gloss, keys, pen? Something has to work! ๐Ÿ˜€ If all else failed I could wrap the dangerous straps of my handbag around his neck and try a combo of throttling and bashing his head off a wall. OK, starting to think I’ve thought this through a little too well lol.

  6. Nina says

    I’d gouge his eyes with my trusty pen knife, clobber him with my umbrella, spray his face with alcohol and then run like hell!

  7. sue says

    Pretend to let him kiss me…..then stab him with a wooden pencil in the heart.

    If I’m not carrying my pencil case that day, I’ll try my luck with pencil liner :/

  8. says

    Well, I sometimes carry my knitting around, with lovely wooden knitting needles. Otherwise I’d stick something pointy up his nose or in his eyes and give his brain a good stir.

  9. amber says

    I sort of grew up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so that show will always be my first real vampire obsession – so I gotta go with kicking their butt Buffy style, then the old fashion wooden stake to the heart. She always managed to look good while doing it too…only on tv! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. says

    Perhaps I could lie & say my blood was infected (IE. AIDS, Hepatitis).. he’d back off for sure :\
    Or stab him with the mini scissors attached to my house keys!

  11. Fathima says

    I’d gasp and point to a spot behind him and scream, ‘what’s that there?’ , and leg the hell away from him. I aint a kick ass gal. And besides all i carry is papers and make up which i’m not gonna sacrifice. Unless there’s a way to kill with a paper cut.

  12. kelily says

    My “purse” is usually doubles as a diaper bag, so I’d puff some baby powder in his face to confuse him, then stake him with a pencil, lol.

  13. says

    i would…uhm….stab my pens into his eyes, and before they could grow back, I’d stab them into his heart….like wooden sticks. that should kill him…I think…..Are you sure he must be ugly? argh..I want a handsome (and good) vampire ^_^; LOL I’m sick XD

  14. Angie says

    I carry a pretty heavy purse…maybe I would swing it around and try to hit him with it. Then I would try to squirt some of my hand sanitizer on him trying to burn him with the alchol in it! Yikes!

  15. Eileen Mao says

    Blind him by pepper-spraying and poking his eyes with my eyeliners and hair brush (that’ll hurt for sure), whack his head with my keys and powerful metallic keychains, and try to clip his fangs off with my nail clippers.

  16. Frรคnnny says

    Uh, I don’t have anything dangerous in my bag to defend myself.

    Oh well, maybe my books for Uni – education the most frightened weappon of all…

    Guess I would just knock him on the head with them and then run away or something ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. says

    Human vs. vampire face-to-face… hmm…. that wouldn’t end too well! Given their super agility, speed, and healing capabilities, ok, it might be impossible to distract/hurt him however minimally with something in my purse. This question stumped me… I give up! Just take me Mr.Vampire! *FAINTS*

  18. Gabriela says

    I usually carry a small bottle of cologne in my purse so I would spray his eyes with cologne to blind him and run away meanwhile.

  19. Mazzy says

    To be honest I would probably be too scared to do anything. Being the oblivious girl I am I probably would just start screaming my lungs off in shock and horror. I do have quite a high pitched scream. Maybe I’d kill the vampire with my utter child like and squeamish self ๐Ÿ˜€ Screaming I guess would also attract attention to me so the Vampire wouldnt want to suck my blood with people watching him I dont think… Tehe!


  20. Angie says

    If I was too scared to try to fight…maybe I could try to bribe them with money in return for letting me go. Even though vampires could pretty much make anyone give them anything they want…they may still be enticed by money…most everyone else is??? Who knows…. just a thought!

  21. says

    Well, this really depends on what type of vampire we’re talking about. I could distract it with throwing seeds on the ground, and then run for it. I could use my pocket knife to get a branch to stab it with. I could place a mirror before it, so it is mesmerized by its reflection…

    Mostly, I would be trying to run for it, and hope I came across a weapon in case I needed it.

  22. mint says

    this is a hard one. if it was afraid of light and the cross, I’ll head towards the sun where it’s bright so it can’t hide if that fails. I’ll go for the church. lol

  23. says

    LoL! Weird question but it’s fun. I’ll take my pepper spray and aim for his eyes hopefully he’ll stop for a while to rub his eyes? While then, I’ll get ready my high heels (if am to run, heels wont do me any good) and hit both the heels into his eyes. It’s either i success in hitting his eyes or not, I’ll have chances to run away because a hit by heels is def more painful than pepper spray. haha.

  24. Gigi says

    Pepper spray! Or if I forgot it that day, maybe take off my heeled wedge boots and hopefully the wedge’ll knock him out.

  25. says

    paper cut him to death with my business card, credit card, & drivers license?? (I don’t carry anything else – I’m so screwed!!)

  26. Jo B says

    I would use the water in my bag running water is suopposed to disable a vammpire I believe, I would throw it at his head hoping to stun him and then run!!!!!

  27. says

    Eeeek! Scary! I’ll prolly faint and become his meal lol!

    But on the chance that I didn’t faint, I’ll take a swing at him with my kitchen sink aka bag and then stab him with my hair thingy. It’s made from some metal and it’s pointy and sharp lol!

  28. Melia says

    I usually have nail polish in my bag, so I’d either throw a few and run, or open a few and hope the fumes do something. (Boyfriend claims this works on him, so I can hope it works on others)

  29. Mary says

    I’d throw my cell phone bill at him, which would probably only stun him momentarily but allow me enough time to dig the Tweezermans from my bag and BAM! Right in the eye. Vampire death by tweezers!

  30. Pinny says

    I would spray my perfume into his eyes too, because I once accidentally did that to myself and I was like dead for a while.

  31. diskogal says

    I would probably just scream and run for my life! Maybe my high-pitched voice would do the trick, hehe!

  32. myrissa says

    aww all i have in my bag are make ups. so i guess i have to sacrifice some to use as weapons!

    hmm i will throw my bareminerals mineral veil powder right to his eyes! while he is struggling with his sight i will sharpen my eye liner pencil then use mac blusher (TG the container is quite sturdy!) as hammer to plunge the eye liner pencil right into his black heart!