Sleek MakeUP & Twilight Giveaway: Day 5


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Question:If your loved one told you he was a vampire, would you let him turn you into one too?


It depends if I get perks, like superhuman strength and sexy teeth. Otherwise no – I don’t even like the sight of blood and from licking my finger sometimes when I’ve cut it, I don’t like the iron-y taste. Just sayin’

Tell me in the comments!

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  1. irma says

    hell yea! ๐Ÿ˜€ it’s the eternal life after all, isnt it? ๐Ÿ˜€
    who wouldnt like to see the end of the world?

  2. Rachel says

    It depends for me as well. If it comes with extra strength and good looks then yeah; I’m up for it. It depends on how much I love that person as well. Otherwise, I can’t be bothered to run around and hunt. I prefer my food not moving and on the shelves of supermarkets.

  3. says

    Yeah! If your loved one truly was what you believe, your soulmate and nothing could tarnish it.. then why not? You can be with them until the end of the world, and that is sayin’ something. Being super fast and strong would be awwwwwwesome!

  4. liloo says

    Yes, but only if I could be young for ever. Omg the money I would save off anti wrinkle cream, botox and so on. I now kinda wish 1. i had a boyfriend 2. he was a vampire. Will report back if mission is accomplished.

  5. Melissa says

    I’d think not. I prefer unrestricted daylight and if being a vampire is anything like in ‘True Blood”, I’d rather not be sleeping in a coffin underground!

  6. says

    I probably would, the blood thing is the major con and I guess that would resolve itself. Of course the whole thing would snowball, because I’d have to turn my best mate, too… It would be even better if my loved one also turned out to be old enough to be fluent in various ancient languages. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Heather says

    I would say yes only because I’m a romantic :) Of course, I hate blood, but I’m sure that’d change being a vampire and all, hehe.

  8. Halifax says

    Yep, if you love someone, you have to love him, vampire or not. If turning myself into a vampire means I could be with him for a long time, I would

  9. MandyP says

    I hate the taste of blood (though, TBH, I could probably use the iron).

    Wait, by ‘loved one’ do you mean someone like my aunt or my Grandma, or someone I’m in love with? In the first case: no; in the latter: yes. I was only in love with someone once, but I’d have let her turn me into a zombie if she’d asked.

  10. Jan says

    it would depend what vampires do… if it’s “i can only drink blood” kind of vampire, i’m not sure, because I do love my food…as well as my loved one of course..

    but think about it- vampire: live forever and have to drink blood all the time
    non-vampire: you won’t live forever- but you get all your favourite snacks like chocolate, chips, hot chips, ice cream sandwiches…

    Mmmmm… I’d have to say no. Food is too good.

  11. says

    No! I’d make him watch me grow old & the second before I die, I’d kill him so he wouldn’t have to live without me. That came out wrong didn’t it?

  12. Nina says

    Heck no! Even if I had superhuman strength, I don’t want to stay around when all my loved ones are gone. Well technically if I became one, I probably wouldn’t care about them anymore so I wouldn’t want that either. Plus, I hate the taste of blood. I love my food and I don’t want to be tasting iron for the rest of my life.

  13. Tigerslovepepper says

    Of course I would say yes: Vampires do not have wrinkles! XD
    Wait a moment: they can’t sunbathe. Uhm… Ok, I’ll stay pale forever, I can manage that (Nars Blush Duo ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

    Have a nice weekend girls!

  14. says

    If all the folklore is true, I wouldn’t have a reflection so how on earth am I going to put make up on??? The pale and uninteresting look is so not me.

    Damn fool should have caught that cab and not taken the short cut through the graveyard. I mean, duh.

  15. Miss R says

    I think I would. I love the idea of immortality.. I could travel and see the world at my own pace and do all the things I want. Maybe change professions every century or so. I’ll be in a Business first then move on to becoming a food critic etc. Sounds good, no??

  16. says

    If we have to kill people to live, it’s debatable. I’d want to kill the evil people out there, but I don’t know if I’d have the stomach to be a vigilante ๐Ÿ˜› And if it’s highly probable that I’d become a monster after a while, I’d probably say no.

  17. says

    I think I’m too big a fan of garlic to ever be able to become a vampire, let alone have a vampire bf who would be able to make it through one dinner with me, but if he can handle that, then I know it’s true love! So sure, let’s be vampires together. :)

  18. Angie says

    Tough question…I guess if I really really loved him maybe. Love sometimes makes you do stupid things.

  19. nachtfee says

    I would say yes – there’s so many things I woud like to do, but don’t have the time, money or opportunity to..and pale and young forever – cool :)

  20. Deanna says

    I don’t have a “loved one” so I don’t really know but I’d have to love one someone a hell of a lot to let them do that!

  21. says

    only if I loved the person, like very much. I wouldnt want to hang around whit someone i did not love truly in all enterneti. but if I did I would say yes because I am so romantic and would want to be whit the person forever.

  22. Gabriela says

    The blood scares me and makes me nervous. However, if I love a person I would do anything for him and this would be a good way to spend lots of time together.

  23. yl says

    no way. if we have eternity together we’ll probably get bored with each other- and whats left for me after that?!

  24. says

    if i can be with him(without ruining my look), why not?!?! i don’t like blood either. but i guess by then, blood will taste like some super tasty steak to us(vampires). :p

  25. says

    umm I’d like to say sure, but I don’t think I would enjoy eternal life…even with a loved one lol. Living for eternity would get really tiresome…

  26. kelily says

    I don’t know. It depends on what it would actually be like. Some portrayals of vampire mythology are definitely more appealing than others.

  27. simi says

    I would only do it if I could become like Vampire Queen Betsy from Mary-Janice Davidson’s “Undead and unwed” series. Ah life would be oh so fun then…if you haven’t read anyone of them, then give it a try…you’ll be laughing non-stop!

  28. amber says

    I’m not a big fan of the taste of blood either. Wait, do vampires wear makeup?? This could pose a problem, I may give up my human abilities but never my makeup bag! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haha. Really, that would be something I’d have to think about. Thats a literal FOREVER.

    P.S. Love the palette! I so need to try it!!

  29. Leona says

    As much as I love my man, I would not want to have eternal life because that’s not how God intended it I suppose? Being a vampire you live by constantly hunting your own kind, and you lose your soul to the devil (in traditional vampire tales)… not sure how pleasant that might be to live with.

    And I remember in “Interview in the Vampire” it was mentioned that after you turn, the taste of blood is all that you crave & can enjoy… no other food or drink can satisfy you. Meaning that you cannot taste anything like you once did as a human, and that fact alone is enough to make me cry… no more meat, potatoes, pizza, chocolate, ice cream etc…. NO WAY!!

  30. says

    For me it’d depend on the perks too, but it would be a hard decision, to be immortal and to watch my loved ones die around me, including my own children? If I didn’t have any children then yes, I’d go for it, but whatever the perks, I could not watch my babies grow old, have babies, then die, and then watch their babies die too. It’d be worse than death to me.

  31. says

    Lol! I thought about this one when I was reading about the twilight series. I personally don’t think I would, albeit it was my love seeing everyone that I really cared about gone, such as friends and family etc – Is something I would not be able to stand at all. Okay this might be a tad arbitrary but I remember watching some Jack and The Bean Stalk Movie and there was an old lady who was cursed to live forever, she watched her children die, and thinking about that I would not be able to go through and live forever, because I think that life wouldn’t be a life without my loved ones.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity for ppl who cant get Sleek! I try to enter every day – it’s good fun!

  32. Frรคnnny says

    I don’t think so.

    I think I wouldn’t like to see all my family and friends die right in front of me and couldn’t do anything (you can’t turn everybody into a vampire, otherwise wouldn’t the world collapse or something!?) And I think I couldn’t bear the loneliness. Even if I found my soulmate!
    Plus like you I can’t really stand blood ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Jess says

    No way! I don’t like drinking blood. It doesn’t matter that I’ll be eternally beautiful or what not but no is no!

  34. diskogal says

    Nah, I would never be capable of killing anything so I would probably starve to death. If vampires can starve to death, that is. (Otherwise, I would just be really really hungry for eternity, which doesn’t sound too good either)

  35. Sofia says

    (Sorry, my english is really bad)
    I would become a vampire. A normal life is not enought for me to travel and learn things… but blood always taste me like oxide xD