Sleek MakeUP New Kajal Black Eyeliner Review

Sleek have been getting it right quite a lot lately so I was quite excited to get my hands on their new Kajal Eyeliner. I love a good black eyeliner and have tried quite a traditional Indian Kajal before.

Sleek kajal Eyeliner-1.jpg

Sleek MakeUP’s Kajal Eyeliner looks very much like Guerlain’s release last summer and also a bit like Pure’s Kajal/Kohl crayon like offering.

Its simple, functional looking – better than some bizarre or cheapy looking packaging I think.

sleek kajal kohl eyeliner.jpg

Like the Guerlain and Pure Kajal pencils, the Sleek one is like a waxy but cream crayon.

According to the press release this crayon can be used at an angle (so it never needs sharpening) and you can use the tip of something quite precise, or use and edge for a more smudgy, soft effect.

The Kajal eyeliner is available in two colours – Odyssey (metallic purple) and Nocturnal (black – the one I have).

Its a pretty decent black – the colour is rich and pigmented.

Sleek Kajal Eyeliner Kohl.jpg

Applying the kajal is pretty easy, the end of it is blunt and rounded so it was quick to apply and no subsequent accidental poking in the eye. I used this to tightline too and it was quite easy to use.

sleek kajal eyeliner kohl-1.jpg

My lashes are all over the place at the moment do excuse.

If there is one problem with this Kajal is that it is very smudgy. With a few blinks some of the colour had run slightly off my waterline (I have very watery eyes) but I cleaned this up with a cotton but and set the liner with a tiny bit of eyeshadow. Voila! All fixed.

sleek eyeliner kajal.jpg

I would definitely recommend this if you love your soft easy to use eyeliners – its quite fool proof and the result is smoky and scchhheexxxxxxyyyyyyyy


sleek kajal eyeliner-2.jpg

Kajal eyeliners are £3.99 each and available in Superdrug.

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  1. says

    I have a kajal that my friend brought back from India – it smears a bit but I find using a primer such as Urban Decay’s stops the worst of it. I’m happy that Sleek have provided something to replace it with when it runs out! :)