Sleek MakeUP Face Contour Kit Review

Sleek really is one of my favoured high street make up brands – when its good, its very good and well worth the price. I also like the simple black packaging that always feels heavy rather than light and cheap.

This Contour Kit hit my doormat a few weeks ago – I love contour products although I tend to like doing it (if I bother) with my Nars Multiple Sticks (Malaysia and Copacabana).

The Sleek MakeUP contouring kit comes like this:

sleek make up face contour kit .jpg

Mmmmmm. It looks like a calling card you’d find in a Soho Phone Box doesn’t it? In the words of Tyra Banks, “You gotta control the hooch!”

So we’ll ignore that and look at the palette. Once again, a gorgeously heavy, sturdy case. Like the design on the front too:

sleek make up face contour kit.jpg

I was sent the palette in light which is just the right shade for me – I don’t like to use too dark tones for contouring in the fear of messing things up.

I also like the way its laid out in the palette, bit more contour (matte!) than the highlight (fine shimmer!).

sleek make up contour kit.jpg

The powder itself is a nice texture.To me its no different to the various other far more expensive bronzers/contour powders I have bought recently – it doesn’t feel cheap.

The colours:

sleek make up contour palette.jpg

The brown is a matte – hurrah – and a tiny bit warm. Not a reddish brown though, which is a relief. In my dream world it would be a perfect matte, cool toned brown….

The highlighter is a silvery pearl. I quite like it, but it is LIGHT. So if you are olive you may want to look at the medium kit – not sure if the highlighter is warmer/more gold but that could be more natural.

You get a guide in the set:

sleek make up .jpg

Applied some highlight to the top of my cheekbones and bronzer underneath. My skin is so dry, so do excuse the flaky patches:

sleek make up countour kit.jpg


sleek make up contour palette-1.jpg


Not very long ago I spent £26 on a Make Up Forever Sculpt Kit, which now that I think of it was really a waste of money because this works just as well and is a fraction of the cost.

Well worth if it you are looking out for a new contour powder – you get both shades in one place and its a good powder – just make sure you choose the right shade! I am a NC35 and think this set is fine for me, but if you are darker there’s the medium/dark sets to choose from.

Its £5.99 from Superdrug.

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  1. says

    the matte brown shade is very pretty, seldom can you find a good “contouring” powder, most of the browns comes in a bit reddish, not real brown like this 😉 wonderful !!!!