Sleek Limited Edition i-Divine Sparkle Palette Review & Swatches

Sleek have been naughty on the customer service side. Sympathies for people who still haven’t got their products or are trying to get a refund.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I always buy one of the LE palettes in order to swatch I wouldn’t have bothered. But here it is, bound in three layers of sellotape because the clientele in my local Superdrug like to open up and play with these palettes. Destructive gene, some people.


Sleek are really churning out these palettes. Bad Girl and Good Girl didn’t feel that long ago.

Here is Sparkle. As soon as I found out it was called Sparkle I was excited! Got to love glitter at this time of year. Then woah – what?! Price increase! These palettes used to be £3.99. This one was £5.99. On the Superdrug website they are £6.49.

Funnily enough, the dim girl who bagged this up for me dropped it on the floor – the look of horror on my face. I know how easily these things break. When I asked her if she had dropped the palette (not to shout at her, just so I could swap it) she said no, she had dropped her pen….because I am blind you see.

The palette:


Don’t get me wrong – £5.99 is still cheap for a palette of 12 colours. It’s just….it was less than a fiver before. Now I have to dig around the bottomless pit that is my handbag trying to find a quid.

The glitter in this palette is obvious and is there for all to see – smack bang on top of the shadows. There’s nothing subtle here, and yet it’s a little inconsistent – the blues and purple sparkle away, the other shades look flatter.

The sparkle is not even dispersed in the product. This is not fine shimmer or sparkle – however the price reflects this…..

Nevertheless the pigmentation is excellent:


The shadows are super soft and crumbly AS ALWAYS. Dare to apply a bit more pressure and watch you eyeshadow crumble away.

The colour selection is….random. We could do so much with a palette called ‘sparkle’ don’t you think? Instead we have some gorgeous purples, blues and greys then a random pink and random yellow and white.

The sparkle, as I mentioned before sits on top, and looks like they chucked a universal silver sparkle in with all the pigments.

In some shadows it looks pretty good. If you give it a blow though half the sparkle disappears. There could be fall out trouble:



I’d love more…focus with this palette. Remember how Sunset was like sunsets? Storm was like Storms?

Nevertheless, even for the price of £5.99, it is still a great palette – so pigmented – so can’t grumble too much (even though I clearly did, a lot in this post).

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  1. Dora says

    Yup, the price of all has risen to be just under 6 quid but still well good for these very pigmented shadows =) Cheers for these xx

  2. says

    I’ll probably buy it out of obligation.. I also have all previous incarnations. But it does annoy me that it’s over £5 now too. I liked it when I went it, handed over a fiver & was done.

    • Row says

      Hi H

      I am the same! I buy these out of obligation and it annoys me that they cost a bit more xxx

  3. says

    Thanks for the link! I should probably go update that post… they’ve screwed things up even more since I wrote it. Just hoping my bank can get the money back for me, though I’m out $13 in return shipping fees. Bastards.

  4. says

    aiks $6 now? i have not even try any sleek yet! argh!
    but i still lemming for it hehe

    i think i like this best coz of the pink n grey n purple combi!

    xoxo elle