Sleek Eyeliner & Shadow Palettes

The original palette:


Matte Chaos Palette:


Storm Palette:


All of these palettes are absolutely gorgeous. The colours, especially in STORM and in the Original are wearable and very pigmented and soft. They are far superior to MAC, I tell you. The chaos palette is drier than the other two because it is a largely matte palette.

Each palette is £3.99 which is amazing value.

Then there are the gel eyeliners. These are on offer, two for £6.99 each.

I bought the four brightest colours I could find:

I wouldn’t call these gel liners. They are a bit too dry and cream like to qualify. Nevertheless here is my bright eye look with Clarins new LE wondermint mascara:

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  1. MandyPandy says

    You totally have to bring back Megan and have her do another tutorial with this stuff!

  2. Chica says

    These are so freakin awesome looking :)
    I’ve never seen them in Superdrug before but next time i brave a visit I’ll definitely be on the lookout!
    Thanks for the swatches 😀

  3. yummy411 says

    look at those peepers!

    i’m guessing your are gonna cover your new little laptop in gemstones!! i see the encrusted DS (?) up in your header! LOL

    makeup orgasm~ stop hauling! LOL

  4. Row says

    Yummy u obviously know me too well! Yep yep I totally need to stop hauling there too much stuff not enuf room!!
    Ok u got me with the jewels! But but but the ds isn’t mine but I shall b using it as inspiration!

  5. dawn. says

    hey.. where did you buy ur gemstones? ^^ Online?

    Well.. I’m not sure if I’ve asked u this before.. But I’m hoping to get into the marketing industry/design management (: Any good unis in UK to recommend so I could review on them?


  6. Row says

    Hi Dawn

    Yes the stones are from EBay. It worked out cheaper to buy lots of lose stones and it means that I can customise the design.

    As for Universities – there are hundreds all over the UK so its hard to advise. It depends what kind of qualitfication you want, which part of the country you want to live in etc.

    We have redbrick Universities here, which are the older tranditional universities. Competition is fairly tough. They are like Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham uni etc.

    We have more vocational Universities too and this is the kind of univerisity that may teach a suitable course that you want.

    I’d advise looking on because that is out University entrance system, it will list all the ones in the UK and all the courses that are taught!


    If you want to do design/management