Sleek Chrome Palette & Twilight New Moon Giveaway

So there I was, choking on my morning coffee that always resembles brown tar, when the nice people at Sleek MakeUP contacted me – they had seen my post of the i-Divine palettes and had a rather cool giveaway offer.


To celebrate the release of Twilight 2: New Moon, which is launched on the 20th November (my Birthday!) I have 10 Sleek Palettes to giveaway. US/Asia girls who have been dying to get one of these? Here’s your chance!

Starting from TOMORROW, we will be giving away ONE Sleek Graphite Palette (which is Limited Edition) each day for the next TEN days. So there are 10 chances to win!

International girls are welcome, and you can enter my current giveaways and the Sleek one too – so you’ll have to come back am and pm to catch them!

Winners will be picked after the 20th!

Thinking caps on!

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  1. Alli says

    Oooh I’ve been dreaming about these forever, man! That purple shade in the bottom corner speaks to me when I close my eyes :)
    LOL just joking,
    but it does look really pretty 😀

  2. Ashley says

    Here in Canada, we’re only being given the divine pleasure of getting “character” palettes & lip stains/glosses/sticks from the Twilight beauty line. None of the beauty products are as striking as the Graphite Palette either. All we have are boring cheek/lips/eyes palettes designed for each character (Bella, Rosalie, Alice) & they all look the same!
    I am so excited for your giveaway! Happy early birthday :)

  3. Heather says

    Oh boy, I have been searching the internet to find these, but I think you or someone else mentioned that they aren’t available in the US–so sad! But yay–so happy for this awesome giveaway :) Happy early Birthday :)

  4. MandyP says

    Celebrate?!? If anything, we should protest Twilight! We should burn effigies of Edward Pattinson and Kristin Stewart and hold giveaways around those: first prize for the most realistic effigy, second prize for the most flammable; only then can we truly pay proper tribute to the evil that is Twilight!

  5. Leona says

    OMG… OMG. I’ve been hurting for this palette since I saw Pixiwoo’s recent tutorial on Youtube…. *criez*

  6. says

    yea!!! I’m thrilled to see you are offering this as your prize! I’ve been hunting for this without success in the US ever since watching pixiwoo’s review on youtube (I love those girls!!).

  7. Angie says

    So excited! I’ve been searching for a way to get one of these sent to the US! What a great giveaway!

  8. says

    Hiya! I really like your blog and I wish I had discovered it earlier in the data jungle. I would have taken part in the giveaway as I became a true fan of the Sleek eyeshadow palettes plus ink pot eyeliners gels. Honestly, I wish I would live in the UK to get such lovely LE palettes but as a matter of fact I live in Germany and I only own the 3 basic palettes and 2 ink pots, which is precious little. Do you know by chance when Sleek finally launch their online shop? Anyways, thanks for your reviews on Sleek. I enjoyed them a lot!
    All the best