Skinfood Sugar Dessert Eye Shadows Chic Choc Matte & Shimmers Review

Skinfood make up, I feel, isn’t as strong as the skincare products but nevertheless, I purchased a few of their solo eyeshadows, the Sugar Dessert range.

There’s quite a large selection of these eyeshadows to choose from. I bought 3 mattes and 2 of the shimmers.

These shadows come little round plastic cases:


I bought 2 of the darker shades to try, they are blackened blue and blackened green with a metallic edge to them:



The pigmentation of these two shadows is pretty poor – it shows up so so on my skin which kind of defeats the object of using such a dark, dramatic shade.

I bought a selection of the mattes;


I’m really into mattes at the moment. These three are pretty basic shades that anyone could find useful and they’re really pigmented and creamy too! The black and brown are good for lining and contouring, there’s a pale lemon and also an ivory which is good for highlighting but also for an all over lid colour:


I paid about £4 each for these on eBay. The Korean retail price is really low I think, but I don’t mind paying such a small amount for the mattes, at least.

Skinfood Sugar Dessert Eye Shadows – would you try them?

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  1. Jen says

    The mattes look a lot better than the metallic ones…at £4 a pop you couldn’t really complain…I think they’d be quite useful shades and the packaging’s cute!

  2. says

    Wow.. surprisingly the mattes are showing up so well! Usually (for me, anyway) mattes can’t compete with the pigmentation I get with shimmers