Dark Circles? Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Massage Serum Review

Do you suffer from dark circles under the eyes?:


Panda feels your pain.

I often blame my dark circles on the lack of sleep, but the science tells us that sleep isn’t actually a contributing factor to dark circles (although I certainly have puffier eyes when I haven’t slept that seem to make my dark circles look worse!).

Dark circles begin as little capillaries under the eye area – blood that passes through these occasionally leak through into the surrounding areas. Your body cleans up this blood, and its remnants are a dark blue colour, similar to a bruise. They can also be heredity (take a good look at mum now!)

Dark circles are also not caused by this:


So now you know.

On to the review which is of the Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Massage Serum:


The Salmon range from Skinfood focuses on brightening the skin and eye area. I already own their Salmon concealer which does a rather good job!

The say:

Designed with a relaxing massage tip, it intensifies blood circulation on eye area and enables faster absorption of omega-3 fatty acid, arbutin and vitamins.

This massager is to be used just twice a week.


You press the nib down and the product comes out. I think this is phallic…


Here I am with my dark circles in tow.

The serum doesn’t smell fishy (don’t worry!) it does feel cool and light. I used this under my eyes and massaged it in (I also put it in the fridge first) and it is quite relaxing and does a good job of hydrating the under eye area.

I am guessing the massaging motion itself really helps with circulation.


Afterwards, my skin felt soft and smooth. Did it reduce dark circles?

Not that I noticed although there is an overall brightening effect. But no, you still need that concealer.



I like the fact this is really handy to use and its a nice intensive hydrating feeling. Like I said earlier, this is not going to remove any dark circles but it’s nice to give your eyes a treatment now and then.

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  1. says

    lol interesting shape. I was curious about the salmon range but I think I’ll pass on this one. Thanks for the review!

  2. says

    You’ve convinced me to go after the Salmon range :) I have been really interested in their concealer and concealer powder. Gots to get my hands on them! 😀

  3. Ally says

    good to know it’s not caused by “masterbrating” LOOL!
    i need the salmon range! wish they sold it over heree instead of evilbay

    • Row says

      I have to say, I LOVE eBay I must buy 80% of my hauls on there! But it definitely comes with problems too

  4. Jules says

    Interesting looking little contraption that it is, there is nothing can be done for dark circles but a damn good concealer – I should know, I’ve tried just about everything that claims to do something! I won’t be in a rush to buy this but some of their products *sound* pretty good – do you rate them Row?

  5. liloo says

    masterbrating cause spelling mistakes
    this is hilarious xxx
    made me chuckle out loud

  6. Danielle LA says

    I have only been using the Lady Soma Renewal Serum in the evenings for about the last two weeks and have already noticed drastic improvements in the firmness and pigmentation under my eyes. Even when I wake up in the morning, there are no longer bags under my eyes. There is no sticky residue left over after putting it on either. Overall, this is the best eye serum i’ve ever tried. LOVE IT!!!