Skinfood Jungle Fruits Collection is Super Raaasome!

You know I love anything bright and colourful so this new collection from Skinfood is definitely worth a showcase! 

Skinfood seem to be taking a leaf out of Etude House’s book and going for the brights! The problem with Skinfood is that I still haven’t found an amazing product from them for a while…but nevertheless, let’s window shop…

Skinfood Jungle Fruits

The idea of Skinfood is that it’s a ‘food’ based range (or inspired by) so Jungle Fruits is…a bit of a cop out…but hey it’s cute!

They have a range of cheek and lip tints ‘Real Fresh Tint Juice’:

All Over Muffin Cake Bronzer | Beauty full Dreams

There are also 6 ‘multi’ juices for lip and cheek.


My favourite – pencil eyeliners!  Like Etude House, Skinfood have a selection of super bright colours, like an orange and turquoise:

Skinfood Jungle Fruits Collection

The colours are; Sparkling Black, Sparkling Moka, Summer Orange, Jungle Lime, Golden Fish Tail, Jungle Aqua and Jungle Plum.

They have two foundation pacts, which I almost never buy because they are just too light for me. There is one powder which is a all over (very natural!) bronzer:

Skinfood Jungle Fruits Collection is Super Raaasome 1


There is a bronze body balm:Skinfood Jungle Fruits Collection is Super Raaasome 2

Jungle Fruits Nails:

Skinfood Jungle Fruits Collection is Super Raaasome 3

And there is a range of nail stickers. 

There is a new waterproof mascara:
???Skinfood Jungle Fruits Collection is Super Raaasome

I have used the Seaweed mascara before and didn’t think much of it. 

At first I was excited about this range, however thinking about it, there’s actually nothing I would invest in because Skinfood can be blah at the best of times. If pressed I would choose the Jungle Green eyeliner and yellow nail polish.

Do you like the look of this Jungle range?

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