Skinfood Beer Hop Foaming and Cream Cleansers

Because I love anything thats a novelty, I had a play with Skinfood’s Hop Beer Foaming Cleanser and Cream Cleanser. I don’t even drink beer!


My skin is completely random, dry, oily, spotty, smooth, ruddy, flaky – everything.

This particular cleanser is for Normal to Dry skin. It contains vitamins, minerals, yeast, and it detoxifies, soothes and is mild enough for sensitive skin.


The foaming cleanser is on the left, and is the usual, quite firm textured cleanser – the cream is a liquid, soft cleanser. My idea was to use the cream first to take of make up, then the foam for a good cleanse.


I know what you really want to know – do they smell of beer?! Well…yes, the do a bit. Kind of sweet, slightly hop like (I used to drive past a big beer factory and I remember that yeasty smell well). It isn’t bad and it doesn’t leave you smelling like you’ve just spend the last 10 hours in the pub either.

Cleansing wise…it does an ok job. My skin didn’t feel more radiant or revitalized though although it was cleaner. This is a good basic cleanser, helps if you like beer, but I’d prefer something which did more to tighten the appearance of pores and actively brightened the skin.

Verdict: Meh.

Bought from eBay for around $14.

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    • Row says

      Hi Abby

      I think it has some hops in it – dont quite me on that! Beer is quite sticky isn’t it?