Skincare Routine Update: Week 2-3 with Karin Herzog

Ok, where are we now with Karin Herzog? Week 2/3 I believe. The last time I updated I have a few massive pus filled boils on my face and on my chin, as well as few little bumpy areas on my face.


So to update you briefly –

1. The massive pussy (hehe) spots have gone. No eruptions, however my skin still feels a bit bumpy around the chin area.

2. Overall, the skin is looking clearer, and there doesn’t feel like there are any further eruptions impending.

3. Its making a good difference to the blackheads on my nose.

4. On the downside I still feel like my skin is not hydrated enough. It still flaky in patches and I am putting Embryolisse face cream on the drier areas to prevent my foundation from clumping.

5. I am still not feeling the radiance – my skin still looks/feels quite tired.

I went for a facial at a local salon, Pure Beauty with a Karin Herzog trained therapist. It was blissful, y’all! I am really new to all these treatment/spa things – its the whole lying down half naked in a dark room and closing your eyes that stirs up similar emotions to being kidnapped – but this was wonderful.

So much so that I kept falling asleep and waking up myself up with snoring – about 5 times. Not just a minor snore, a deep, full bodied piggy grumble. Thank god I had my eyes closed.

Skin had no breakouts afterwards, my skin felt a little warm (it was freezing outside so thats ok) and yep – totally relaxing and I got some advice of how to get the most out of the K.H. for the next few weeks.

I’ll update you again in the New Year to see what further progress has been made with K.H. (although it looks like I have nearly used up the cleanser – either I am heavy handed or the cats have been eating it).

Ooh you if you are oop North I’d highly recommend Dawn at Pure Spa, it really was a very good treatment.

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  1. says

    I emailed back and forth several times with Julie at the Karin Herzog website, asking if I didn’t like the product could I get a refund-she was writing me back immediately until I pushed it about the refund, she kept saying “well, WE like it and have never had a problem, so why would you ask about a refund”. Well, DUH it’s pricey to keep trying new products, and now she’s done answering me! Won’t be trying this product!

  2. says

    I’ve discussed this with Julie our MD as seen the emails you mentioned. As Julie said, we are always happy to offer a refund if a product is unsuitable. However we cannot offer a refund if a customer uses the whole pot and then claims the cream was unsuitable. This is a standard policy, and we’re not aware of a beauty company who do offer refunds for products that have been entirely used up.
    We do offer – as mentioned on this site – a comprehensive and free skincare advice service, so we do everything within our power to ensure that our customers choose the right cream for their skin, and therefore get the best results.
    I hope this clears things up