Skincare Routine Update: Karin Herzog Week 4-5

Ok, so I am in about week 5 now of the Karin Herzog Skincare routine.

I have to say, the Chocolate Cleanser and Scrub are running a little on the low side. Maybe I’ve been using too much? I’m not sure but you do only get a 50ml bottle (cleansers are usually 150ml-200ml aren’t they?).

The major breakouts (in clusters) has stopped. However, 5 days ago I had to gigantic, pus filled, painful volcanoes appear on the side of my nose. I get spots, but I don’t get giant craters on my face so this was a shock.

Squeeze or not to squeeze? I will always squeeze a pus filled (or as my aunt says, ‘pussy’) spot because I can’t walk around with dots of whitish-yellow on my face. Bleh.

It healed up quite quickly with the Vita Combi 3 cream, in about 2 days. Good.

My skin is finally starting too look, all over, better – feeling a bit firmer and smoother.

On the downside:

1. I still feel that the Oxygen Cream even with the face oil isn’t moisturising enough for my dry skin.

2. I am still lacking overall radiance. Karin Herzog, bless them, said they are going to send me the Vitamin H cream which adds moisture and brightness so this may solve these two problems.

3. I’m giving up on the Glyco Rose, I tried it again and it definitely makes my skin red and itchy. It does contain:
Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Glycolic Acid.
Perhaps its just a bit too much for my sensitive skin.

I noticed that Karin Herzog have a 3 for 2 offer (no, they didn’t ask me to push it at all, but I think its quite a good offer as the range is not particularly cheap). I really like the mild scrub and the Vita Combi 3 spot cream.

I’ll keep going ladies! Let’s see how this ends up!

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  1. Phi says

    I’ve been experiencing the same couple of monster pimples from using benzoyl peroxide which I think works on the same principal (putting oxygen in the skin so bacteria can’t live) but I do think its working! Slowly but surely, as it’s only been 2-3 weeks.
    P.S I got the fairtrade goodies! I’m looking forward to trying them all out. Thank you!

  2. Jo B says

    I dont find the oxygen products to help at all, yet others really rate them, so I think they must work for certain skin.