Skincare: Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil and Fruity Cream Wash

Look what I picked up! Only the prettiest skincare ever! These two are (generous) sample sizes:

Jill stuart cleansing oil scrub.jpg

The packaging from this Jill Stuart Skincare had me from hello.

The Cleansing Oil is a smaller version of the full sized one – it has the princessy lid (reminds me of the Crystals from The Crystal Maze?) First impression – the cleansing oil is very nice, a little on the thin side and it smells fab and fruity but, I don’t know if this will cause an allergy in the long run. I prefer unscented skincare….

jill stuart cleansing oil.jpg

Crystal Ball:

crystal maze.jpg

Mmmm, childhood. Back in my day (ahem) I’d crawl into a flammable sleeping blanket and eat a bowl of smash with lots of butter whilst watching this crap on Channel 4 after school then going out to play. That was childhood!Here is the foaming wash – once again its quite a thin texture:

jill stuart foaming cleanser.jpg

It works to a lather easily, I would prefer a thicker cream foam I think. This makes me sneeze when it goes up my nose. But it does come in gorgeous packaging!

What do you think? Would you try this range?

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  1. I would be willing to overlook an allergic reaction for lids like that…

  2. I concur.

  3. i love that crytal maze show too =) a lot of maze games =)

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