Skin Saver: Elemis Liquid Layer Sunblock SPF 30 Review

I am a bit of a SPF Sun Cream addict. I buy a lot and even though I live in a rainy, cold, dull town with little sunshine I am aware of how important it is to have some SPF in my everyday routine.

Generally speaking, I go for foundations with SPF in them, so I am covered. However, recently I’ve been cutting back on base usage, and using just concealer and a bit of powder.

My current daytime cream (which I will discuss later on) has no SPF in it. So I have had to find the ideal SPF to go on top.

cat-with-sunglasses-lying-in-a-hammock-r-diger-poborsky-200540.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x299 pixels).jpg

Do cats need SPF?

What I don’t want in a SPF:

– Anything that leaves a whitish cast

– Anything thick (this has to go on top of moisturiser and under foundation so it can’t be greasy)

– Not grainy (some feel grainy to me)

– Not oily (I find some ‘milk’ type SPFs leave a slick on my skin)

So then this landed in my mail box – Elemis’s Liquid Layer Sunblock SPF 30.

elemis liquid layer skincare-1.jpg

They say:

Elemis Liquid Layer Sunblock is Formulated with mineral Titanium Dioxide. This Elemis Sunblock provides water resistant SPF 30 protection, against UVA, UVB rays and pollution.

Polymeric spheres diffuse and redirect UV light, preventing harsh, multiple assaults from the environment. Cellular protecting Anti-Oxidants and Photoprotectants help to defend against daily pollutants which can accelerate irreversible free-radical damage.

Phew – so it sounds good right? But whats the texture like?Lovely. Just lovely. More on that later.

Firstly, you get the product in a long tube like this – its good, easy to carry around:

elemis liquid layer sunblock.jpg

SPF 30 is also a good amount of sun protection! I keep seeing crazy SPF products for SPF 100 and so on and its not really necessary. SPF 30 does me nicely…

Give the tube a little shake then squeeze out the product.

Its a whitish, fairly liquid substance (but not as liquid as a SPF milk) that you can pat into the skin.

What I love about this is that it sinks into the skin quickly and easily – in fact it leaves no greasiness at all, no residue – of the other high end Western brand SPF’s I have tried this is the lightest one.

elemis spf liquid layer.jpg


Love it. I have tried a lot of SPFs Sun protection face creams and this is one of the nicest I have ever tried. I have a few more to review in the next few weeks that I have bought from Asia but they aren’t as good as this one.

Highly recommended if you like to use a separate SPF that is pretty traceless after application. Its £24 and you can buy it from here.

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  1. says

    This is a really good spf – very light but good protection. Elemis is an excellent brand; I like quite a lot of their skincare, and they often have good offers on the website.

  2. Ally Byers says

    I am always looking for a high SPF sunblock that is easy to apply. It looks like this may be the product I am looking for. I recently read an article that was on The Beauty Girl that discusses if cosmetics with SPF offer enough sun protection.