Skin dry after washing? Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter Hyaluronic Acid Review

I don’t know about you, but having sensitive and dry skin means that many, many cleansers leave my skin feeling tight after washing.

I find this problem when I use foaming face washes and cleansing oils the most.  The only facial wash that doesn’t leave me with any tightness at all is Neutrogena, and the only cleansing oil that leaves me with no tightness is Fancl! Otherwise, I expect some ‘tautness’ after washing.

It’s not the end of the world because I can moisturise afterwards, but sometimes I may not want to put my cream on yet. Hence I find this Holika Holika product, 3 Seconds Starter (yes, there is plenty of Engrish when it comes to Asian cosmetics and skincare) intriguing:

Holika Holika 3 seconds starter hyaluronic acid

This product, formulated with Hyaluronic Acid can be used immediately after washing and relieves dryness.  Ideally, it is used before toner for a boost.

I know…you’re thinking – just moisturise!

But sometimes, like when I get home from work – I pop in the shower, then I want to faff about afterwards. I’m not ready to tone and put my night cream on so something like this, which relieves the tightness without doing the wholeshebang is quite useful.

It can also be an addition if you have super dry skin.

Here is the texture of the product – it’s like glycerine, it’s also clear with no smell (or any I can detect!):

Holika Holika 3 seconds starter

When I have cleansed my face in the middle of the day or come out of the shower, this has been a useful quick boost to take away that horrible dry feeling on my skin without overloading it with moisturiser. It also works way better than any hydrating mist for this purpose.


I wouldn’t say this is completely essential – I mean you may just want to switch cleansers – but when you need a quick boost from the dry feeling (and it could be from something other than cleansing) this is light, non-sticky and quite refreshing to use.

I didn’t have any allergies to this.

I purchased it from eBay for about £12.


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  1. Jen says

    I love the idea of this product as I do sometimes get a tightness after double-cleansing my skin. Not quite sure what 3 seconds starter has got to do with what the product does?!