Sisley Confort Extreme Levres Nutritive Lip Balm Review

I am partial to a posh lip balm, and two previous purchases, the SKII Lip Repair and La Mer’s Lip Balm are both favourites of mine.

I have heard whispers about the Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm before but haven’t had the chance to try it out in person until now.


They say:

The Nutritive Lip Balm formula is rich in soothing, emollient and protective lipids which provide lips with moisture and protection.

The melting texture is naturally colored by its own ingredients and leaves the lips feeling comfortable and supple. A combination of oils (hazelnut, plum kernel, sunflower), shea butter and kokum butter helps to relieve sensations of discomfort, re-hydrate and plump the lips, repair and restore lipid levels, and form a protective film against outside aggressions.

This lip balm is so posh it comes with it’s own scoop:


This lip balm is every bit is as lovely as people say it is….
For some reason I am cursed with flaky dry lips. A lot of lip balms just offer superficial protection but the good ones always keep my lips feeling much better for longer…

Confort Extreme is one of those lip balms.

It doesn’t really smell of anything to me, but it’s thick but not heavy balm texture sinks in nicely in the lips and it is just the kind of texture I like.

I prefer lip balms that are actually quite thick but sink in quickly and really hydrate. I don’t like oily textured ones or ones that clearly have too much vaseline (or mineral oil) in them.

This stuff is just a lovely texture and it really leaves my lips feeling lovely and soft for a good few hours. It does remind me of the Le Mer lip balm a bit, texture wise – in fact I think they are both great.


Downside? It’s expensive and it’s in a pot which will always be less hygienic than a tube or stick balm. Unless you use the scoop – but seriously, I am not pulling a scoop out on the bus.



This costs £37.50 (I found it online at John Lewis) which I know is expensive but I will be buying this when it runs out – I’m not going to say it will last AGES because when you are applying it a few times a day it is going to go down quite quickly.

But I really don’t think the price is too much for a truly hydrating and nourishing lip balm (but then again I am a lip balm addict).

Well worth it if you want a nice treat for your lips.

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  1. Jen says

    omg I thought the By Terry lip baume I’d bought was expensive! But I know what you mean about it being worth paying for a great product that hydrates your lips for longer, I love the By Terry one, think it’s supposed to be a lip treatment and smells lovely! To date, my most favourite lip balms have been the By Terry one and the Korres ones (yes, I have one in each flavour *hangs head in shame*) as they have the perfect texture and don’t leave a funny aftertaste! Have you tried either?

  2. says

    Can I ask – if you had to choose between this and the CDLM balm, which would you opt for and why? Am coming to the bottom of my CDLM and wondering whether to repurchase or jump ship to Sisley :)

  3. says

    I really like this lipbalm too… well worth the price tag. Stuff like lipbalm lasts forever (as long as you don’t lose them), so it’s not that expensive if you look at it that way. It costs less than one frivolous “no food in the fridge” restaurant dinner.