Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Jupiter Brown & Venus Pink Lipsticks

I’ve had these lipsticks for ages and have only just got round to swatching them! A disgrace, I know.

As many of your know, I nearly keeled over with excitement when I saw the Tsumori Chisato Collection for Shu Uemura – it is cat themed! Now – what pieces from the collection you got will depend on if you are in the UK/EURO/US/ASIA.

In the UK, from what I saw, we got both lipsticks, the Planet palette, the brush set and highlighter.

Treasure Trove of Makeup_ Shu Uemura Haul - My Planet Cat Goodies!.jpg

Now the palette and highlighter I will probably be buried it – I am not dipping my grubby finger in it untill I have a special occasion! The lipsticks I did something very indulgent and bought 4 of (so I had 2 back ups to save and 2 I would actually use).

shu uemura tsumori chisato rouge unlimited cat.jpg

I am still barfing over Shu Uemura prices in the UK! I regularly bought Shu Uemura (my first true brand love), I own over 100 of their eyeshadows but either I’ve forgotten how much it costs or they have increased prices.

These lipsticks are £18 each. I guess thats standard now for high end make up but still….when you buy 4 it suddenly fees mega pricey!

shu uemura chisato lipstick.jpg

Mmmmmm that packaging. How can you not love?

There are two shades to the range, Jupiter Brown and Venus Pink. Which is which 😉 –

shu uemura cat chisato lipsticks.jpg

Jupiter Brown:

jupiter brown shu uemura cat chisato.jpg

It’s not really a brown.

I despise brown lipsticks! I will wear any colours – purple, green, black, other hideosities before I wear brown.

This is not a brown once its on. But it is very much a warm colour, like a warm warm coral with a brick base. On me anyway!:

shu uemura chisato cat.jpg

Venus Pink (a bit lighter in real life):

shu uemura cat chisato.jpg

This is your typical, super pretty, sparkly, glossy lipstick, pretty for most woman I would imagine:

shu uemura benus pink.jpg


This collection is still on sale and you can grab it on eBay if you don’t have a Shu near you.

These lipsticks are uber pretty – no doubt about that. But on a personal level, I have been looking for and wearing more creamy, richer lipsticks (perhaps its the time of the year for it) and this is quite sheer in comparison. It is very very similar to the old Lollishine lipsticks….

So whilst its mega cute, at the moment, its not one that I am carrying in my day to day make up bag.


I just spotted this on the Shu website:

This packaging is interchangeable and can be used with any of our rouge unlimiteds! Simply pop your favorite shade into this adorable tube and use over and over again.

Oooh! So you could buy one and use the packaging over and over again with any of the other shades! In that case, I think its a brilliant purchase! Muhahahahahaahaha

You can buy the lipsticks here.

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  1. says

    lol. I love reading your reviews. The packaging is super cute. I think you should just use all 4 lipsticks then, since you can reuse the packaging :) Not that it will be easy to use up the lipsticks 😛

  2. Patty says

    All Shu Uemura lipsticks have a re-usable packaging. If you take the lipstick and pull the main tube, it comes off! You can of course put it back in, it doesn’t break! It also means that you don’t have to use those specific lipsticks with the packaging. Since I am a cat-fan myself I usually just put whichever Shu lipstick I want to use in the packaging and take it with me!

    And there is also a third lipstick in the series, Moon Peach. It’s actually not peach at all. It’s more of a blue pink that leans towards lilac. I don’t know why they do this with names at Shu Uemura, it’s almost like the Mika Ninagawa series where the pink colour was orangey and the orange colour was more orangey.

    • Row says

      Hi Patty

      Good news so I can keep using my cat lippie and reuse the packaging!

      What I really want is the Tsumori train case but they aren’t for sale!