Shu Uemura Takano Lip Duos Tint & Gloss; Love Apricot, Harmony Pink & Passion Red

When Shu Uemura had 20% online before Christmas I pointed Mr C towards the Takano Limited Edition Lip & Tint Pots as I wanted the Apricot and Pink versions for Christmas.

Later on, I went to the counter and swatched them all and wasn’t keen on Love Apricot or Harmony Pink, instead I liked Passion Red the most! D’oh! So I bought that for full price there and then.

The packaging is so cute!


Shu has this habit of making certain products Asia only so just because you see it in the promo shots doesn’t mean that it will be on sale in the UK. A SA told me once that that’s because there might be some ingredients in it which aren’t allowed in the UK.

If I really want something I buy it online from Asia.

The pots consist of two layers, a tint and a gloss:

The packaging is cute, can’t fault it. The tint and gloss makes sense; the tint is the creamy pigmented layer, the gloss is…well, gloss. On the counter the swatches were a little weak and both the pink and apricot were too pale for my liking.

Shu Uemura is a funny one. I feel like I’m getting at them sometimes, which is not really the case; I love the brand and it’s the first make up brand I fell in love with but the products haven’t been very interesting to me recently. Also I’m not that keen on their new thing, which is the multi use palettes – (strangely I saw it at £39 on counters but some stores were selling it at £49 – prices should be consistent!).

Love Apricot – peach and sparkly white gloss is quite a natural look:


The Shu site also needs some working on. I talked to a few tweeters at the time and none of us had had any updates on the order, whether it had been dispatched or charged etc.

Also, Mr C’s order was on the 4th Dec and they only charged it now 6th Jan! It also went through as – much confusion, Mr C had to call his card company and investigate to find out what was going on – who charge for a product nearly a month after!?

Passion Red is just gorgeous – the red side is a beautiful Spanish red (spanish red? it’s just what it reminds me of!) and a weird purple gloss – I guess the purple won’t affect the depth of the red like a pale gloss would:


Harmony Pink is just ok – the tint side is a light pink and the hot pink gloss is super sheer. It’s just ok:


The tint side is not like a normal tint, it’s creamy, it almost feels like it sets a little so it has decent staying powder. I hate using my finger with these 2 pots, it feels unhygienic!

Will do swatches later, I am admiring how perfect they look at the moment!

Would you buy or skip this collection?

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  1. says

    I really wanted these but I was put off by the high price tag and also the way that the tints are SO opaque – I don’t think such heavy colour suits me. But I still get that twinge when I see them! Looking forward to seeing them on your lips Row!