Shu Uemura Quad

I found this little gem on HK Facial Shop.

I already have this limited case (which comes as an empty) from 2007 collections. This one came with four shades already loaded – I tried picking them out but ended up smudging the yellow instead so I will try again when my paws, I mean hands, are less shaky.

I have tons of Shu eyeshadows, and I don’t think I have the sunny metallic yellow, or the pink, which has multi coloured sparkles:

I love this quad, its so summery and unusal, a must have!

I also purchased this gem recently from Ebay –

Paul & Joe N Lipstick 04.

The N range is the new, sheerer textured colours whereas the old range, is richer and cremier. I prefer the old colours for sheer glamour, but this colour is beautiul, soft and flattering on the lips. I may try more of the N collection if they are all as sweet as this lipstick.

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  1. MandyPandy says:

    Le Sigh! I wish we had more Paul & Joe stateside. It’s damn near impossible to find P&J here, especially now that Sephora doesn’t carry it.

  2. How about good ol’ Ebay?

    I do love P&J!

  3. MandyPandy says:

    Hmm… Every other time I’ve bought makeup from eBay, it was very obviously used or had clearly gone off. I’ve not had much luck w/ eBay cosmetics.

  4. Yeah, I’ve definately had crummy experiences too. I always message the seller first –

    Is this 100% genuine? Is it 100% unused? Because if it isn’t then I’ll want all my money back…

    But still the newbies send me RMK glosses that have crusted over.

    Even recently I bought some discontinued Bourjois stuff and there was a crack in the lid, a bit of crusting. And that was from an experienced seller, tut tut.

    But then there are so good ‘un, this P & J lipstick is gorgeous, totally brand new and I won it for something like £1.50

  5. Askmewhats says:

    hey there, wow,..the quad colors looks lovely!!! I’m taking a look at the HK Facial Shop now :) heheheh

    I am IN LOVE with P&J products thanks for the review on the lipstick, I am honestly wondering what’s the difference of the old version and the N collection :) thanks nice post 😀

  6. Hi askmewhats!

    Yes do check out HK facial shop you have to be quick though when snapping things up!

    I am glad you like P&J! i have recently become a real fan, i can do a review comparison between the old lippies and N at some point in the future :)

    I love the packaging, its so simple but stylish :)

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