Shu Uemura Nail Enamel Usubeni

I promised I would limit myself to what I bought from the Shu Uemura Komon collection but I have totally failed – I bought Nail Enamel Usubeni, a medium-dark mauve plum with light shimmer. I don’t wear polish day to day as I think it is bad for the nails to not have air – but I love this polish! It is elegant and not so dark that it would be deemed as vampish (like say Rouge Noir) it can definately be a day to day or evening look.

Shu Uemura nail colour is formulated with seaweed extracts, it protects against dryness and promotes stronger, healthier nails. Formaldehyde-free and toluene-free.

Should mean my nails won’t crack when I take it off?!

I always use Chanel nail base in Matte White. I prefer the consitency of Shu polish to Chanels, as it is a bit runnier and you have time to smooth it out. Also, the brush is longer and flexible, so it is easy to do long strips down the nail and get into gaps.

I have 4 of the eyeshadows from Komon, 4 cream eyeshadows, one blush (Kinka), one nail polish and 3 lipsticks (Sakanza – nude pink & Tobi – Brown nude & Habaeru – Beige Nude).

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