Shu Uemura Instinct Collection

Recently, though I have liked what Shu has to offer, I haven’t loved it. Infact the last few collections over the last year have been hit and miss; too dull, too hard, too chalky.

I was ready to pass on the Instinct Collection too but then….I found out one side was a cream eyeshadow! I love cream eyeshadow! So onwards we go:

Tantilizer is very nice – the website says its:

Brilliant shades of green and goldish bronze in cream and powder formulas.

Its more of a light khaki green if you ask me very shimmery – the cream side is nice too – would make a really nice day due with a bit of a twist.

Mystifier – green black and brownish bronze in cream and powder formulas.

The green side on this is GORGEOUS – a deep ivy green full of shimmer particles. Yummy – the bronze side is gorgeous too.

Mesmerizer – violet in cream and purple. My last choice in all reality – the purple is nice but the shadow side if more of a silvery lilac highlight.


Look. This collection is basically a real return to form for Shu. All six of the colours – all of them are beautiful, and are ones I would buy separately on their own merit.

All of the powder sides are stunning – like that famous ME (metallic) shadows. Infact you could probably find something very similar in the collection but not 100% the same.

The cream sides are lovely too. They are soft but not too much – I have a lot of the Shu creme eyeshadows, from the Komon collection, from the recent LE creme eyeshadow collection and they are hard textured to the point where you need to hold the damn thing for 5 mins just to warm it up enough. These creme shadows are still harder than say, Mac paintpots but are great compared to previous Shu efforts.

Love, love, love. Grab these while you can.

Meanwhile – kitties have had their operation. Let me tell you, all over the animal kingdom, women have it harder than men. Whilst girl kitty has to wear a collar, has to have a drip, has to have a huge patch of hair removed from her neck for a blood test and from her belly for spaying, boy kitty has his pom poms removed, needs no stitches, no further check , is just like before albeit without the testosterone.

Its not fair.

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