Shu Uemura Bath Oils

I’m not one for soaking in the bath, but these new Bath oils from Shu Uemura look so lovely. They come in four flavours – Hinoku (Cypress), Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Shobu (Japanese Iris) and finally Yuzu, (Grapefruit).

I went to Shu today to buy a few items to fill the spaces in my empty palettes, and ended up picking up a hot pink blush in P Red 19 (a shocking cool pink – gorgeous), three of the Komon Eyeshadows, One nail polish in a shimmery plum and a Hard Pencil in Acorn. I got two samples of the bath oil, in Yuzu and Sakura which I can’t wait to try.

Maybe its time I switched to Baths?!

Speaking of the hard pencil, I waited (ages) for the Japanese sharpening which makes it look like this:

Instead of pointy, it lies flat which makes a lot of sense since colour is bound to be more concentrated if it is applied with a pointed pencil. Olive Sheen looked interesting but I went for Acorn, a safe choice for my dark brows.

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