Shu Uemura Art of Hair

Shu Uemura have a snazzy range of Hair Products (which can be viewed here.

Shu Uemura does hair? Well, all the Japanese ladies I know do have banging hair.

There is the Shampoo, Conditioner range, and also the styling range.

With the styling range, the first concept is to – Unify – with a Depsea product (spritz) that smooths the hair pre styling.

Then one Creates and Perfects with a range of styling products, that includes putty, volumiser, texturiser etc.

I got hold of the Spritz, which you use before styling, Depsea Moistuiring Foundations, and purcahsed the Mineral Liquid Fabric prodcut what should add texture to my messy waves:

The products feel very light on the hair, and smell great. I definately noticed a smoother texture with the Spritz, and the Mineral Liquid Fabric has a rough edge to my wavy hair – almost like a good way of recreating bed head.

The products are not cheap, at £18, but styling products tend to last me a while, and what the hey – hair deserves a treat too doesn’t it?

I am being heavily distracted at the moment because the boyfriend insists on watching Enchanted, because ‘that’s what Saturday Morning TV should be like.’

Why is Catherine Tate (awful British Comedian, does jokes that someone else thought of and did better but all 14 year old girls love her) playing the leading lady? Call me old fashioned, but if you are playing a disney princess, you better be beyond perfection:

Ugh, I can’t deal with the syrup!

By the way, can anyone think of a good name for this lady?:

Its been a week and nothing is springing to mind. She’s really lively, an avid climber and explorer. Very sweet. I wanted to call her Kafka – boyf says no, how about Sartre? Heidegger? Megan wants to call hers Squeezy. Her big Sister wants to call hers Morgan, Maisie, Mercedez – why not Porsha, Tracey, D’lilla-Rose then? Yeah, she said, D’lilla-Rose…

Kids! Honestly!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    I’d name her Yoda, because she’s small, but looks like she’d be good with a lightsaber. Plus, it’s what I named one of the kittens I fostered a few years back (Yoda was a very small, fluffy, grey Tabby).

  2. yummy411 says

    i was going to suggest snuggles because of how tiny she is, BUT you said she’s a fiesty one and that wouldn’t work…