Shu = Meh

Maybe I’m just a cranky cow, but I made my way to the Shu Uemura counter today to lookat the Mika Christmas collection which looks super stunning online.

Only 2 palettes were left:

This one looks dull but it’s actually quite nice and the third colour across, a rose bronze is utterly stunning.

Winter Sakura (I think) is more dramatic:

Both are £45.

Houston, we have a problem.

The palettes are SIMILAR.  Not a bit, VERY similar.

The blue, the foresty green and the brown are all pretty much the same thing in both palettes.  They are probably trying to cater for people who will only buy one palette, giving them the most popular shades but I mean please!!! I would have bought both had they had more variation.

I did get the latter palette, just because me and Shu have a thing going on – they’re like a ex boyfriend, and I like to throw the dog a bone from time to time.

Then I spied the new Art of Hair (well not that new) Shu stuff! I love this range!

I picked up the White Tea styling cream (£18) and the Camilia Serum (£18).

The shampoo and conditioners are like, £28 so screw that!  Do you know some of us have veryyyy long hair, Shu Uemura?

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