Shu Cream Eyeshadows

My local Shu counter ain’t as alluring as it used to be – I haven’t been wowed by the brand for a while.

Fancy my surprise when I went to have a look at my counter and spotted some new cream eyeshadows! Totally new range they said!

There were around 10 shades in total. I skipped any pink/beige/brown nudes and a sparkly blue.

Since I am feeling tropical, like a Kia Ora drink, I went for brightish colours –

The texture of these cream eyeshadows are thick – better off warming the jar in your hand for a few moments before using. Once they have dried, they stay put – I wouldn’t say no creasing at all, but it is minimal for a cream eyeshadow.

The bright colours are wonderful. The green can be a light base of layered for intensity.

I also bought two of the Unlimited Lip Glosses:

These were the two that had the most shimmers, and have gorgeous light reflecting qualities. The pink is cool toned and is really gorgeous in the sunlight. The orange is perfect for my tropical looks!

Both of the glosses are a little sheer. They have a hint of colour but they are not madly pigmented.


I also bought a empty lip palette.

Its a nice compact size. Now I have to decide what my top 10 lip colours are to melt in!

Finally I did a little experiment with my black and white eyeshadow bases. Grabbing a duo, I applied shadow without any base, then with a white base, and on top of the black base.

The black base makes colours very vivid and strong. The white of colours makes colours seem a bit lighter and creamier. However, I really think that the white base makes a good brightener for the day; with the black, is a little too dramatic for daytime. Just have to apply with a light hand, so you don’t look like a racoon!

All in all, I like these cream eyeshadow! the colours are unusual most of them are matte and the lip palette will give me a fun project this weekend!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    That black base is brilliant! I’ll have to remember that trick, next time.

    Which eyeshadows did you use in the last pic?

  2. Chica says

    Oh wow, those cream eyeshadows are gorgeous!!
    I’m ashamed to say I’ve never bought anything from Shu but I’m seriously tempted to make the trip for those!
    Thanks for sharing pics :)