Show Beauty: Worth the price tag?

My beauty cupboard (ie. the entire house) is stacked full of hair products; mainly stuff that I barely use because I am so rubbish at styling my hair, although I do try.  I am not too snobby when it comes to hair styling products, although I do like some Japanese products, as they aren’t as crunchy or heavy on the scent as some brands and also seems to leave less residue in my hair. 

Then came Show Beauty, brainchild of British Socialite, Tamara Ecclestone, and her extremely luxurious hair styling range.  I had a hair’over’ on counter (read about it here) which I really enjoyed, but of course, I’d enjoy anyone doing my hair for me on a daily basis.  

So then it came to trying to do my hair at home.  Here are three products I was sent to try, based on my blow dry…

Show Beauty Thermal Protect Thickening Lotion Finising Spray Review

There is the Thermal Protect, Thickening Lotion and Finishing Spray. 

Now first off, this is a pretty sexy looking hair styling range – it reminds me of something they’d have in a room full of dark leather seats and a large library – oh I know! The lids remind me of whiskey bottles!

It’s beautiful.

Show Beauty Hair Styling Range

My aunt actually said to me ‘Now those boxes look like they’ve got something special inside’.  


I had issues with it on a usability level – my thermal spray leaked, and when I dried it off, thinking it was a transit issue, it still  continued to leak which makes to realise that it is just faulty.  The lid of the Thickening lotion and the lid of the hairspray also have problems with staying on…I actually can’t find the lid to the lotion anymore which makes it aesthetically less pleasing!  Needless to say for the price, the packaging needs to be effective as well as good looking so hopefully if this is a problem with the range, they will fix it. 

I have been using all these products but I can’t get my hair as nice as when the stylist did it for me!!

The Thermal Protect (£35 for 150ml) has a nice scent to it, and gives me hair more texture but I did find it somewhat sticky.

The Divine Thickening Lotion (£40 for 150ml) is a nice creamy texture, and I used this on the ends of my hair. I find a lot of thickening lotions are a bit crunchy or sticky in my hair and this one doesn’t do that which is a plus, and yet…I can’t say I find it adds a mass of volume to my hair. 

Show Beauty

My favourite product of the bunch is the Finishing Spray, (£30 for 250ml) – a really lovely hair spray with no crunchiness at all, which left my hair very swishy and also left it with the lovely scent (you could omit purchasing the hair fragrance I reckon, by using this product).  I rarely use hair spray  but this does keep everything neater and less frizzy, and I do like the scent. 


Gorgeous looking range, packaging needs some checking I think because all of mine had minor problems. 

It is crazy expensive…I mean, you’re looking at almost £100 for 3 styling products, but some people like the look and feel of the range so will purchase, and why not if you have the cash?

I found the products were pretty decent and I have been using them along with other bits in my range but would I go out and spend £30+ on one hair styling product? I wouldn’t. I could imagine spending that on a product say, for my scalp or a treatment (for example to help my post natal hair loss) or an incredible hair oil (which has to treat as well as superficially make my hair look better) but not on stuff that just washes in and washes out. There’s obviously stuff out there just as good for a fraction of the price. 

If this is up your street check out this range Look Fantastic, who seem to have the full range. The hair oil was lovely when they used it on me. 

*PR Samples 

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