Show Beauty: Luxury Hair Styling Products Make Over and Review!

We’ve all seen the high end skincare products but have you seen high end hair styling goodies? Ehh? Ehh?

Well this new ultra luxe hair styling range called SHOW beauty is all about luxurious hair – the products are formulated to create full, swishy, voluminous, sexy hair.  The products include thickening, volumising, finishing spray, treatment oils and a thermal protector, and a hair fragrance.  Check out the sexy packaging:


I popped down to Selfridges, where they had a pop up counter to meet Johanna Pitkanen who did some styling for me. 

The cool stand:

Show Beauty Review

Johanna did a quick bouncy style on me – she wet my hair, then used the hair oil and thermal protector on the ends.  She then applied the volume spray to my roots and thickening lotion to the ends.  After blow drying my hair dry, she curled all the way around the shook it our, setting it with a finishing spray. 

Surprisingly, it was extremely quick and easy to do! I met my mama afterwards and she commented on how nice my hair was (not something she usually does!) so essentially (I told Johanna that I am a new mum and have literally no time to do my hair, never mind do it glam!) I could dry my hair as normal, then do a quick curl and brush it out!  

My hair stayed all day – here is how it looked:

Show Beauty Hair Styling

From the front – I really loved it! I am extremely lazy when it comes to doing my hair and this hair do made me WANT to do my hair again (I haven’t bothered for so long!). 

Show Beauty Hair Style

If I could take any product home it would be the hair oil and I love the idea of a hair fragrance! 

The scent must be mentioned – it’s a vanilla-coconutty (to me) scent.  Mr C commented on it and said it smelt musky and quite warm, quite different.  I quite liked it but I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t quite strong for me at first. Also note, it is a romantic, sweet scent and not for everyone – it’s not like traditional shampoo or hair product scents.  

Show Beauty hair products are definitely on the expensive side – something I will cover more when I review a few more of their products, but it isn’t cheap and is definitely one for when you want a treat! Check out the range here. 


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